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  • Jan 21, 2022

It has been years since the launch of your online web store or you new to the E-Commerce world? In either case, conversion rates will matter. But the question here is how can you increase them? By simply hiring Xcentric Services to develop and launch an E-Commerce Store with a frictionless user interface and design.

The world of online retailing is very competitive, and every business on it is fighting for some space. So, for grabbing your customers the better way and ensure that they keep coming back, you need the help of professionals. Though before you get on board, read through this blog. It has all the details of how we help businesses provide pleasant online shopping experiences to their customers and stay ahead of the competition.

5 Ways We Improve Conversion Rates For Our Clients

One of the simplest ways to improve the online experience is to help customers find information on a web store easily and complete transactions hassle-free. Below, we have listed some ways our team creates pleasant experiences for the customers of the clients looking forward to shopping online.

Best E-Commerce Websites

1. Mobile Optimization

The top-most demand these days is mobile optimization. It enables the customers to multitask and shop while they are on to go. Each one of us has a mobile phone, and so, that is where we get our clients by launching their mobile-optimized E-Commerce Store.

If you are thinking that this is not important, let us tell you that Google now indexes websites based on their mobile-first indexing algorithm. The crawling, ranking, and indexing systems on the search engine now use the mobile version of website pages to rank them for mobile-initiated searches.

2. Maximized Loading Speed

Savvy customers of today have a short attention span. Being busy always, they want a quick response when shopping online. If an E-Commerce Business website loads slowly, the visitors abandon it right away.

Hence, we maximize the loading speed of the web store our clients run. Therefore, offering their customers a smooth and fast online shopping experience. Also, if you already have a web store that loads like a turtle walks, we can help you stop losing customers on it by decreasing the delay time in page loading.

3. Easy Navigation

A web store that is cluttered and poorly navigated can disorient and confuse visitors. Ideally, an E-Commerce Website Design should easily guide the customers through the web store. Being an agency ourselves, we at Xcentric Services have seen more than 30% of the visitors on a web store going away because of a poor design.

Therefore, to make it easier for the buyers to explore every product and option on the E-Commerce store offered by the brand, we ensure easy navigation. The key that works for us is categorising the products and highlighting categories on the main menu. Moreover, enhancing the user experience with filters like size, price, colour, location, etc. also helps.
 E-Commerce Website Design

4. Personalized Experience

People are always busy and squeezing tasks in their day while waiting in a billing line or during their lunch break at the office. In such a scenario, it is more important for online retailers to establish strong virtual relationships with their customers by personalization.

So, when it comes to developing the Best E-Commerce Websites for our clients, we focus on adding personalization elements to them. Giving suggestions to the visitors based on the previous transactions is one example of how we add a touch of personalization to web stores. It does not only help visitors find the products they are looking for and speed up the online shopping process but also seal a sale in a shorter time.

5. Secure & Simple Checkout Process

Once a product is found by a customer and added to the card, it becomes important to nail the sale. A slow and complex checkout process can lead to them abandoning the card. You do not want that to happen, right?

The developers at Xcentric Services can streamline the process and make it quick by improving the user experience on the E-Commerce Store. Then, the visitors will have a secure and simple environment in which they can shop online – without getting frustrated.

 WordPress E-Commerce Website

6. Getting Social

Compliments or complaints are all there on social media platforms as they connect businesses with customers; no matter it is Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. And, because having an active social media presence helps the customers feel valuable, we never miss out on this channel; even after a full-fledged online web store is launched.

Moreover, being on social media also helps get feedback about the brand, its website, and other issues. All things considered, we being an agency do not sit back and relax once the web store is live. Instead, we put in our BEST efforts to drive traffic from social media, change visitors to customers. Eventually, this increases the conversion rate.


Ever thought about what is common in Amazon, Daraz, and Ali Baba? They are all successful online web stores focusing on a customer-centric design approach. By anticipating what customers need, they provide them relevant results. Do you too want to leverage the same approach and provide the BEST online shopping experience to your customers?

Get on board with Xcentric Services for WordPress E-Commerce Website development. Our team will not only launch an online web store that sells. It will also focus on other functions like aesthetics, accessibility, functionality, performance, and speed – equally important for success. To get the quote for your website development project quote, send us a query at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY!







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