React Web Development – What Is Coming New In The Framework This Year?

kashif ali

  • Jul 20, 2022


Years were spent in the making of React 18 and it taught valuable lessons to the React Web Development teams. Its release was a result of endless research and exploring new paths. While some of the paths were successful, others were dead-ends leading to new insights. One lesson that we have also learned as a web development agency is that waiting for new features without getting an insight into what is coming new in the framework gets frustrating. Hence, we have covered this blog with everything we know about everything new the framework is bringing in stores for those who want to use the framework for web development. So let’s dig in!

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5 Things That Are Coming New In React

First of all, before you set expectations, these updates are not a roadmap with timelines. Many of these are still under research and it is difficult to put on them a concrete launch date. In fact, they might not even get launched in the current iteration – after all, technology keeps evolving, and there is no limit to innovation. Therefore, instead of naming the exact update and sharing its launch date, we have shared the problem spaces the React people are working on right below.

1.  Server Components

Back in December 2020, an experimental demo of React Server Components was announced. Since then, work has been going on to finish its dependencies in React 18, along with the changes that were inspired by experimental feedback.

Particularly, the idea of having divided I/O libraries like React-Fetch is being abandoned. Instead, to improve the compatibility, a new sync/await model will be adopted. Technically, this will not block the release of React Code Snippets as the users can also fetch data through routers.

React Native Web

Another update is that React Native Web is moving away from the approach of file extension in the approval of annotating boundaries. In fact, for unifying the bundle support in shared semantics like Vite and Webpack, the people behind the framework are also working with Shopify and Vercel.

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2.  Asset Loading

Currently, the assets such as images, fonts, external styles, and scripts are loaded and preloaded using the external systems. Thus, making it tricky to coordinate across environments like server components, streaming, and more. To make this work, React Web Development experts are adding APIs to load and preload deduplicated external assets through React APIs that work throughout React environments.

Moreover, they are also planning on providing the support Suspense so that the users can get CSS, images, and fonts blocking display until they load, without blocking streaming. This helps stop the visuals from popping and layouts shifting.

3.  Static Server Rendering Optimizations

Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) and Static Site Generation (SSG) are great ways to boost the performance of pages that are cacheable. However, new features are being added for improving the performance of the very-dynamic Server Side Rendering – especially for the times when most of the content is cacheable. Overall, the React experts are fully in action to explore ways for optimizing the utilization of server rendering and static passes.

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4.  React Optimizing Compiler

During the React Conference in 2021, an early preview of React Forger was shown. It is a compiler that generates the equivalents of UseCallBack and UseMemo calls automatically for minimizing the re-rendering costs, all while retaining the programming model or React.

React Native IAP

Recently, it was brought to the light that the React Web Development experts are rewriting the compiler for making it more capable and reliable. Its new architecture will allow the businesses to use the framework to memoize and analyze complex patterns as local mutations use.

In addition, the update will also open up countless opportunities for compile-time optimization that go beyond just being in balance with the memoization hooks. Overall, these updates will make the compiler’s development easy and render its outputs live as the developer types.

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5.  Offscreen

Currently, if the users of a React Native IAP want to show and hide a component, they have two options – adding it or completely removing it from the tree. However, the problem with following this approach is that the UI state is lost every time they unmount. And, this includes the state stored within the DOM, such as scroll position.

Another option is keeping the component mounted and using the CSS to visually toggle the appearance. Although this preserves the UI state, the performance cost is compromised because React has to render the hidden components and their children whenever there is a new update.

Offscreen is the third option that visually hides the User Interface but deprioritizes its content. It is similar to the content-visibility CSS property: when the content is hidden and does not need to sync with the rest of the User Interface.

Web Development Services

Hence, when offscreen on React, the rendering work is deferred when the rest of the application is idle or until the content is visible again. In simpler words, this feature has a low-level capability that helps unlock high-level features.

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