When To Use React Native Platform For Mobile App Development?

kashif ali

  • Nov 18, 2022

With their powerful features, exceptional appeal, and high performance, apps built on the React Native Platform have driven the app development industry toward success. However, the emergence and popularity of the platform have left business owners in a confusion – to launch or not launch a mobile app. Although this is a never-ending debate, React Native platform is pretty near to ending the debate with its platform-specific features.

When the React Native framework was developed by Facebook for mobile application development, they ensured that its major selling point is defined: cross-platform app. React native provides every Mobile App Developer the option to embed customized native codes combining Native and React. Industry leaders like Shopify and Airbnb have implemented the ability of React Native platform in their unique ways. Keep on reading the blog to find out why React Native platform should be your ideal choice when it comes to app development.

react native platform

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5 Reasons To Choose React Native For Mobile App Development

React Native is a framework that brought a major duplication in codes with Cross-Platform App Development. Instead of spending time and resources on two different codes, React Native platform enables sharing codes between Android and Apple, which is a considerable benefit. Moreover, the framework also makes it quite convenient to reuse some aspects of a web app. Quick app updates and zero to no need for going through the reviewing process during the app development is another plus that seals the deal. Still not fully convinced? We have more reasons covered right below:

react native platform

1. Reduced Cost & Development Time

There are two different approaches to React Native Platform – practical and theoretical. While the practical one defines that even if there are flaws during the translation between operating systems, the framework shared an unlimited codebase across different platforms. On the other hand, the theoretical side of the approach defines the effortlessness through which the developers can write codes for once and take the back seat.

Therefore, leaving the hard work of writing specific codes for platform-specific versions of a mobile app. Altogether, both these approaches help cut down the cost and time that does into the development of a mobile app – by almost half. The cherry on top is that if the business already has a web app, React Native platform can utilize a huge part of that code, which further shortens the project timelines.

2. Increased Developer Productivity

React Native is a framework that does wonders for businesses who want to build an app for both – web and mobile. Being a subset of React, it allows building apps with the same user interface for both web and mobile platforms. As long as you don’t have any requirement that calls for using a module with classic native functions, productivity can be increased. Moreover, the cost of Mobile App Development Services that we provide at Xcentric also decreases. Overall, the whole development experience drives through a HUGE transformation when you use React Native as the framework.

3. Native Components

Apps that are built using the Native framework are more powerful as compared to the hybrid ones in every aspect – be it navigation or accessibility to the features. Many web development agencies claim that it is easy to develop applications for multiple platforms. However, being a Mobile App Development Company in Lahore, we consider such apps not-so-perfect. So why not launch a cross-platform application using React Native platform that requires making just a few modifications in the code, and you are good to launch an app? It is a no-fail development technology.

4. Optimized Single-Page Apps  

Without any doubt, SEO is an important component that aids the search engine visibility of mobile applications. It also offers enough scope for dealing with the drawbacks of single-page applications, such as challenges in the JS code running and no SEO tags. The benefit that comes with launching a mobile app on the React Native Platform is that it has an interesting feature: Isomorphic React Integration, which assists businesses in optimizing their single-page apps for search engines. Technically speaking, it is a web app that enables businesses to benefit from single-page applications and server-side rendering. All in all, it allows the application to automatically identify JavaScript support and assists the Expert React Native Developers in indexing the app.

react native platform

5. Supportive Community

As the old saying goes – learning never stops – same is the case with React Native Platform. Every once in a while, React Native developers can find themselves stuck while coding. However, there is nothing to worry about it as React Native platform has a blooming community of developers who are always ready to share their experiences and offer practical advice. In fact, many tutorials are also there to guide the developers on native components such as API, fancy animations, navigation, and the list goes on. Apart from that, the framework is easy to learn and use. Even if a developer comes across a challenge, the community has a dedicated tutorial or solution for it.

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No matter what industry your business belongs to, having an app is a MUST in this tech-driven era. However, because launching an app on every platform is not feasible, to meet all your requirements and abilities, choose React Native as your development framework. The expert developers at Xcentric understand how to tackle the framework and make development work in every situation. Let us plan and execute your app development strategy as a React Native Development Company in Pakistan and pave your business’s way to success.








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