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kashif ali

  • Aug 17, 2022


By introducing the popular React framework, Facebook has brought an evolution in the world of mobile app development. Now, it is more important than ever for tech people and businesses to understand how important React Mobile App Development is to ensure the success of their mobile apps.

Native version of the popular JavaScript library, React is maintained by the expert developers at Facebook. In just two years, React has increased in popularity amongst the developer community, so much that it is now the most-starred on GitHub. Even the top mobile app development agencies around the world are working using this technology currently. Need some more convincing before you use the framework for developing your mobile app? Keep on reading the blog!

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6 Reasons To Choose React For Mobile App Development

In this tech-driven era, where easy-to-use tools, shortcuts, and speed are the need of every mobile app, React Developers in Pakistan are putting in their best efforts. They are creating mobile apps that run fast and are great at performance. Hassle-free development and interactive user experience are the two major features of the framework that have convinced the developers to work with it. To help you better understand React Native Platform, we have covered a list of all the benefits the framework offers.

React Native Platform

1. Cross-Platform Compatibility

Most of the APIs in React are cross-platform, which means that one component works on both the platforms – Android and iOS as well. Developers can develop full-blown and seamless mobile apps that feel, look and run without even having to write a single platform-specific code.

However, on some occasions, the developers have to get platform-specific too. For instance, the implications of design are different on iOS and Android. React Native IAP accommodates such cases with the Platform-specific file extensions and Platform module.

With the Platform mobile, the OS on which the app is running can be detected, which is then used for defining platform-specific implementations. Once they are defined, the platform-specific extensions enable defining the files for specific platforms.

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2. Open Source

Almost every other person who has a foot in the tech world is familiar with the concept that open source projects have a huge number of contributors. They are dedicated to making the projects better day by day. Similarly, there is a large community of React Native Mobile App developers working day and night to fix bugs, improve features, and help people use the framework with ease. So, if you are looking to build something ordinary in your mobile app, blueprints are surely available for it out there because React developers must have already built something related. And who does not want a bit of help after all? This surely is a win-win situation.

React Native Mobile App

3. Short Development Cycle

React is a framework that has changed the life cycle of Mobile App Development. A huge community of React App Developers prefers the framework because it has lots of mechanisms available and is open-source. Moreover, with the help of its state management tool – Redux, the framework also helps in reducing the development time drastically. The cherry on top? Creating one layer that is shared between Android and iOS makes it quite fast, with lesser failure chances.

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4. Code Push & Live Updates

Developing native mobile apps with React has one major advantage – Live Updates. Developers working on React Mobile App Development can push the updates to the phone of a user without going through the app store updating cycle. All of this is possible because of the extensive JavaScript use. Although iOS takes more time to approve the live updates, updating the user apps on the fly makes sure that older version problems will not bug.

5. Performance & User Interface

The combination of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript are the methods widely used for hybrid App Development. Such applications maintain high-performance levels without even adjusting their capabilities. Hence, if you want to excel at both performance and user experience, use React to develop and launch your mobile app.

Mobile App Development
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6. Reduce Coding Time

In the world of tech and development, getting to reuse the code which is written already is a BIG BIG thing. React Mobile App Development brings the same ability for the development. Though we are not implying that React is a “write once and used on every platform” framework. Some fresh codes have to be written for building a UI that feels and looks native as per our best practices. However, the best part is that the basic code and common UI code can be used on both iOS and Android platforms.

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