Increasing Engagement Rate Of An Instagram Marketing Strategy

kashif ali

  • Mar 22, 2022


For a long time now, your business has been on social media but you still struggle with scheduling Instagram posts? Do not worry, you are not the only one because now, Instagram is not only a visual-sharing social media platform but a marketing channel. More precisely, it is all about branding a business, influencer marketing, and engaging with the customers. However, with more than 2 billion people using the platform monthly, having a strong presence on it is getting competitive.

Moreover, if you are a business new to it, planning and targeting an Instagram Marketing Strategy that increases your engagement rate can be tricky. Hence, rather than putting your valuable time into editing photos and posting them on the platform without any strategy, hire Xcentric Services to plan it for you. But before you do, let us take you through some basics.

Firstly – What Is Instagram Engagement?

With the algorithms that keep changing every now and then, businesses keep wondering How to Market on Instagram in 2022. We know that you too are excited to mark your presence on the social media platform, but you cannot do all the work single-handedly. Instagram engagement is not only about the follower count, content reach, or likes on posts. Precisely, it is more about how people are responding to the content you have published.

A simple explanation for this would be the total count of those who interacted with your content or took an action on it compared to the overall follower base. All these actions are calculated through various key metrics such as:

  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Follower Count
  • Likes
  • Direct Messages
  • Mentions
  • Saves

Instagram also offers a detailed analysis dashboard named Insights for all the business accounts. There, the basic data metrics and performance of the posts among the target audience can be checked.

Increasing Instagram Engagement Rate – Four Ways We Do it

Now that you are clear about what is Instagram engagement and the importance of increasing it, let us take you through the critical aspect of it. Imagine that you did everything right when posting on Instagram but when the engagement rate was calculated, it was really bad. Have got no idea what might have gone wrong or what you are missing out on? That is where team Xcentric Services comes to the rescue. Here is how we plan an Instagram Marketing Strategy that increases the engagement rate for every client of ours:

How to Market on Instagram

1. Carousels Do Wonder Always

Yes, you have heard it right. We treasure carousels as they are one of the best posting ideas for increasing the engagement rate on Instagram. Majorly, they are used for storytelling and serve the purpose well. The format of carousels allows selecting and uploading up to ten videos, text banners, or images per post.

Another option carousel provides is posting a series of photos that describe a visual story related to your business, information on the branding strategy, or a marketing campaign. The tactic we apply here is making the content in carousels more shareable and saveable to boost the Instagram engagement rate for our clients.

2. Magic Of Instagram Reels

Everywhere, everyone is talking about Instagram Reels and how amazing the feature is, but the question that might come to your mind is – WHY? Initially, the social media platform was all about video posts, images, and stories. However, when TikTok was launched in 2017, it swept away all the users and affected the reach and engagement on Instagram.

Fair enough, the struggle grew real and every business considered using TikTok over Instagram for reaching the target audience. However, as we have mentioned before, being on the platform is competitive. Irrespective of how difficult it is to mark your presence on it, Instagram Posts really attract engagement without any doubt and Reels add more to it.

Unlike the standard video posts, Reels are made creatively with visual effects, making them more relevant and innovative. Businesses often mess up here too, and because Reels give the first impression to the target audience, they do not work well.

Hence, to achieve the target engagement rate for clients at Xcentric Services, we leverage Reels. However, our job is not only creating and posting them. All along, we also ensure that they are exceptionally visible, have on-point content, are discoverable and shareable.

Instagram Posts

3. Interactive Instagram Stories Features

After talking about two successful features that we include in every Instagram Marketing Strategy, it is time for exploring Stories – an interactive and integrated feature. Reels and feed posts like videos, images, or carousels are customer-centric and make a statement by getting likes, comments, and saves.

On the other hand, Stories are response-centric. Simply put, the calculation of engagement rate on Instagram is based on multiple data metrics that indicate interactions on content. Different formats of content serve different purposes for an account and its overall reach.

Feed posts can be liked or saved more easily. Meanwhile, the Stories content is more relatable and updated daily – resulting in increased responses in DMs as reactions and story replies. The three major features that we use within Stories for boosting the Instagram engagement of our clients include:

  • Link Stickers
  • Questions & Polls
  • Location Sticker

Instagram Influencer Marketing

4. Consistency Is Always The Key

If we could emphasize one way to fuel up the engagement rate for our clients other than leveraging Instagram Influencer Marketing, Reels, and Stories, it will be consistency. Businesses post on Instagram every minute and there are chances of your post getting pushed down – ending up disappearing from the newsfeed.

In such a case, audience interactions or comments on the posts play an important role in keeping posts up in the feed. And, the marketers at Xcentric Services nail it by posting consistently on Instagram for the clients – at the right time. It helps in keeping them relevant and getting found by the target audience.

The Verdict

Instagram is getting more and more advanced. To keep up with a strong presence in the social media market, it introduces new features often. Anything that is new changes the algorithm automatically, resulting in an effect on Instagram engagement rates. If this happens, no matter you design the Best Post for Instagram feed or an engaging Reel, increasing the engagement rate takes some real effort and a marketing mind.

So, if you do not know how to exactly increase the engagement rate on Instagram, do not waste your time and money on hit and trial. Get on board with Xcentric Services and let our team increase it for you by planning a result-driven strategy. Drop us a query TODAY at connect@xcentricservices.com and we will get back to you soon with a customized marketing plan.







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