Questions Retailers Must Ask About Traffic Data

John Smith

  • Mar 14, 2019

Retail industry is expanding day by day and so is the competition between the retailers. With the new technologies, retailers are trying to gain more advantage.

Many retailers are happy with their progress in the retail industry but there are people who want to do even more. For this purpose, think tanks have invented people counters so that they can have data that allows them to study their customer’s behavior and do changes or improvements according to it for better results.

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We will be discussing the questions that a retailer should ask about his traffic and convergence metrics.

How busy is my store location?

First thing that should be kept in mind is the footfall traffic outside your store. Measuring the footfall outside cannot give you proper count but it can give you an idea of traffic.

Moreover, you will be able to understand the current trends in the market.

The peak hours of people outside your store can be mentioned. If you are smart enough to give them what they want or you can understand the trends in the market you will be able to grab that traffic as well.

Is my marketing putting any impact on my sales?

Some retailers don’t see the fact that sales are somehow linked with high traffic. The marketing campaigns that are run will bring you traffic of both visitors and customers. It is up to the retailer and his sales team if they are ready for the additional traffic.

Do they have sufficient staff?

Is their store properly equipped for the upcoming traffic change?

If your store has what the visitors want and your sales team is working on the right way, you are obviously going to change the visitors in traffic to customers.

Are my business hours suitable for customers?

It is a question for the management of the store or the mall. Well the timings of your retail business should match with the customers otherwise there are high chances you will be ignored.

How long customers spend time in my store?

This is one of the most important thing to know. With the footfall tracking, you can learn how long a customer stayed in your store plus you can have full footfall tracking of the customer which areas of the store or mall he/she visited and where he spend maximum time? Which department or areas were ignored?

By this you can make changes in your store so that customers visit all areas, adding some more products or making better divisions can help with that.

Do we have a sufficient number of sales staff all day?

With the footfall traffic analyses, you come to know the peak hours and normal working hours of a day. It is suggested to prepare your staff according to it. Scheduling staff properly may decrease your cost but it will put a very positive impact on the sales. When the peak hours are on you can summon all your sales staff as required and customers will be served properly.

At what point I am losing sales?

Many retailers fail to answer this because they are not using traffic data. They don’t compare their traffic with sales. They just count their sales. Traffic data shows you the second side of picture. You will never know if you are losing sales or not without comparing the traffic data. The success of every campaign is when you know these are new customers attracted to my store due to the running campaign and they have made sales. If you are not tracking them how would you know if you got new customers or not?

These are some basic questions a retailer should ask and discuss with his team. This will give them the opportunity to grow their retail business and avoid any kind of loss.

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