How Publishers Can Target Mbile Game Players Better

John Smith

  • Nov 09, 2023

The game industry has plummeted into one of the most, lucrative industries of modern times, so much that it is bigger than the film industry in the states. With this incredulous growth in the gaming industry, a fresh new channel of the advertisement has seen the light of the marketing world; this is, of course, is advertising within games.

Being a part of this industry calls for informed decisions about developing game content and its promotion. The key to informed decisions is to attain vital industry statistics, and the latest trends, and to keep an eye out for opportunities and threats. Following is a look into the main areas that pose as good opportunities for publishers and how they can target mobile game players better.

Knowing that advertising during gameplay is a very tricky task. Either they are very ineffective or loathed by players. So what is the best way to gain player attention towards ads? It’s simple to reward them for it. In-game rewards really make consumers want to see any advertisement and hence generate revenue for publishers.

Another effective way to target consumers is through contextual targeting. Through this, you get to create an advertisement with the game theme in mind. This advertisement not only blends in but also gains attention as it is not very disruptive to look at. Furthermore adding in keywords and specific messages can give it an added boost.

If you have a free game version you can definitely line up a fermium version of your game which can be eventually turned into a premium version of your game. This will ensure a solid revenue stream from your most loyal customers.
Lastly do not ever forget the importance of big data analysis. If you can, do purchase and employ the data analytics in your game strategy and planning phase so you as a publisher can highlight and target key capacities and act towards them.







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