Why use Infographics in your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Ali Kazmi

  • Nov 18, 2019


Infographics have exploded on traditional graphics, becoming a staple of communication between brands and their audience. In other words, Infographics have taken over the digital landscape. But if you’re new to the world of Digital Marketing, the term Infographic maybe still foreign to you. The bad news? That’s not enough to survive in this tech-savvy world, where brands are always looking out for striking visuals to communicate information with the Millenials, quickly and clearly.

Infographics do more than just excite the audience. So let’s explore some reasons proving it is the most effective Social Media Marketing tool.

The Millenials and Gen Z prefers Infographics over Text

Instagram – is a perfect example of Infographic Power. Visualize how Social Media platforms are jam-packed with well-created Infographics, influencing the Millenials and Gen Z. Making things sound cliché, they are the only way to get more likes, shares, and comments on your posts, rather than traditional text-based content. Thinking about what’s so triggery about it that has hooked up the two most risqué generations?

Infographics, in reality, open your business a door to more engagement, increasing follower base, more qualified leads, and brand awareness. To be exact, they are one of the best tools to foster audiences’ trust in you, resulting in your efforts paying off.

Infographics combined with Analytics are a Graphic Dream come true

A graphic dream is all about sharing information-flooded Infographics. In reality, no one gets it right on their first attempt, so you need to get a hint of how yours is performing. The good news is, they are easily trackable using Analytics. And that’s not only about it, there’s so much more it has in store for you!

Analytics is the most compelling evidence that your Infographics are appealing and triggering to look at or if you need to work more on them. Incorporate both; Analytics, including tracking in your embedded code, then you’re all set to focus-glue the audience to your content.

Portability and Embeddability make it a perfect tool

The best features of making you fall in love with them as a visual element. They have an inherent design that is easily embeddable and portable. Isn’t it cool?

When you’re uploading an Infographic, there’s an embedded code added to it, making it easier for everyone to integrate that code into other blogs and websites. Furthermore, these embedded graphics will link directly to your website, making your content safe from any Content Stealing. On top of everything, the Infographic design gives to-the-point information, making it more palatable for global users who may embed your Infographics in their content, generating your backlinks.

A Win-Win tool for creating Viral Content and boosting your SEO

Adding Infographics to your content can surely boost your SEO. The reason why we’re very sure about this is that they have the potential that can imaginably do wonders. Everyone loves sharing viral content, be it brands or the audience, both love jumping in.

It with great visuals reaches more audiences’, going viral across different social media platforms. To get the best out of this virality, add your website links along with the Infographics, to generate backlinks. These backlinks will ultimately get you better placements on Google SERPs. Take this additional chance, and convert it to a benefit, as every strong-ranked business does to boost SEO incredibly.

Infographics are the Future

Currently, Infographics are shared three times more than any other type of content on social media. This increase is changing the content in taking habits of the audience more inclined towards visuals. A clear indication that visuals are going to take over 2022, completely.

Infographics are today and tomorrow. As a brand, if you’re here to stay, following the trends of the digital world is as important as oxygen. Wait no more and plan your take on them because they’re important to leverage on.

Crafting Infographics is surprisingly simple and it’s time that you integrate this strategy to your Social Media Marketing. If you’re confused about how to gather resources and make a plan to do so, hire a Digital Marketing Agency to get some help.







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