How To Provide The Best E-Commerce Customer Service?

kashif ali

  • Jun 03, 2022

Something that every E-Commerce store needs to strive for is avoiding the mismanagement of customer services. It is normal for the customers to have concerns and questions about purchases, and when friendly answers are not provided, they leave unsatisfied. In the worst case, the customers will turn towards your competitors to fulfill their needs. The key to not falling into such a situation is providing the best E-Commerce Customer Service.

Whenever the customers seek answers to any questions or want to contact you, satisfactory measures should be in place for them to reach out without any hassle. Not sure how to implement strategies that help avoid customer service issues? Read this blog to find out the best practices to nail it.

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Three Ways To Provide The Best Customer Service

The key to having a successful E-Commerce store is building a strong two-way relationship with the customers. Whether they are reaching out to you with a complaint or have questions related to the products you offer, everything needs to be answered in a friendly tone. Here are the best practices that you can follow to provide E-Commerce Support Services that do not turn away customers and convert them into sales.

E-Commerce Support Services

1.  Create FAQ Page

Customers are always going to come back at you with lots of questions – even useless ones. But, this is a good thing as it shows that they are interested in your services and products. However, many of these questions will be repeated even after new customers come along.

Practically, you cannot be there to provide each one of them with a great answer every time and this is where an FAQ page comes to the rescue. FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions can be answered on a page to allow the customers to read answers to very basic questions on their own right away.

So, use the FAQ page for clearing up the common causes behind confusion and as a place for the customer where there are answers to the questions that you get asked frequently. Especially answer the questions related to returns, shipping, billing, delivery, and warranties. Rest assured, having a well-executed FAQ page will drastically improve your E-Commerce Customer Service, reduce the repetitive queries and turn them into sales.

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2.  Allow Order Tracking

Tracking is important for every E-Commerce business because the customers demand it. When you simply allow the customers to track the order that they have placed on your web store, it puts them at ease as they get to follow the complete shipping process.

Allowing to track orders also helps an E-Commerce business appear reliable and transparent. In return, it minimizes the customer’s need to communicate and reach out to you regarding the status of an order.

The majority of the customers these days rate the ability to track the status of their order as a significant factor that impacts their overall satisfaction with online shopping. One of the powerful emotions that online customers experience by making an online purchase is anxious anticipation and delayed gratification.

Customer Services Issues In E-Commerce

Hence, provide your customers the option of tracking their order and following it through the fulfillment process. It is also a way to assure customers that the details of their order are in place and that it is on its way. Ideally, a tracking system should allow the customers to see:

  • Order Approval Time
  • Shipment Time
  • Geographical Location Of Order
  • Approximated Delivery Time

Out of all other Customer Services Issues In E-Commerce, not being able to track the order is the one that greatly impacts the overall satisfaction of customers. Almost every online customer expects to get this service. Hence, to satisfy and convert them into sales, follow this practice.

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3.  Offer Live-Chat Feature

By offering a live chat feature to your customers, you can solve their problems easily and quickly. In fact, live chat is growing into one of the most preferred platforms for getting in touch with businesses, as it is convenient and spares people from awkward phone calls.

Live chat is not just another feature that contributed to the Importance of Customer Services in E-Commerce – it is also great for the business owner. Offering live chat on your website is a great way to boost revenues and get customer insights. For that reason, everyone has started preferring live chat over email and phone call interactions.

Reportedly, the customers of today are also satisfied with live chat because it saves them from the effort of getting in touch with a business directly. Unlike email, live chat provides immediate support to the customers.

Importance of Customer Services in E-Commerce

All in all, the live chat feature is great as it allows satisfying the customers right away and gives businesses a better chance to potentially defuse a negative situation on their website. Additionally, being able to answer the customers faster also helps garner leads and improve the E-Commerce Customer Service impressively.

So, when you have customers that are ready to turn into leads, do not let them wait for your response via email if they have a question. Answer them on live chat and lock in the sales while they are scrolling through your website.

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