Present Technologies In People Counting Cameras

John Smith

  • Jan 28, 2019

People counting cameras are just taking the market with fire. As this innovation is being common among the people, the think tanks of the industry are moving forward to make more from the people counting camera.

The content will help you to compare different technologies used in the people counting camera nowadays plus you can check the People Counting Camera Price by yourself after having some basic information.

Let us take a brief view of different technologies used in the people counting cameras.

Thermal people counting camera:

Thermal people counters work as they note the temperature of the bodies of people passing which vary the temperature of the surroundings by the help of heat sensors available in the camera produces the data of counting people. Such type of cameras can be linked together to cover more area and with the help of heat sensor in the camera, the camera can be used in more traffic area and the dark areas because the camera can count in dark as well. Thermal people counting cameras are best at shopping malls because there is a proper flow of people in these areas. Their size is like a small smoke detector.

Stereo people counting camera:

Stereo people counting cameras are more accurate than thermal sensors. The technology adds data according to the volumes present in a wide range of areas. The concept of stereo data is almost same as our own eyes, helps in understanding the depth of a view. The objects and children are eliminated from the data automatically.

As improvements are made to this technology now you can get entry and exit of the people plus you can get the data of their whole stay in the frame of the camera. Stereo cameras are installed at a specific height at a mentioned degree so that the data can be collected. The camera is rectangular in the shape consisting of two lenses.

Mono people counting camera:

As by name it is understood that the camera consists of a single lens and it is not as accurate as the stereo people counting camera because of the single lens and less depth of the view. Due to less depth of the view, the data can be inaccurate having entries of children.
Single-lens cameras lack the accuracy as low as 50% because the camera can work in the places where there is less traffic and proper light. In such places, the accuracy of mono people counting cameras can be up to 90%.

Time of Flight people counting camera:

The cameras are similar in size as the thermal people counting camera and it is installed to the ceiling above the examining area. The sensor sends a signal out to the objects below it and the reflection that bounces back to the sensor is then added to the data. This gives a greater depth of view and the movement is also recorded by the camera. The ToF camera can work in the darkness and it can also be linked with other cameras to cover wide areas.

The camera is in its early developing stage and they are working to get the 95% of device accuracy.

Wi-Fi people counting camera:

These types of cameras are available in different sizes. Wi-Fi people counting camera operate through wireless access points and the camera is installed in the surrounding of the area that is selected to be monitored. It is seen that the cameras are usually installed in the ceiling of the room or area. As the size of the camera differs, the range and the accuracy of these cameras also differ from each other. The counting by this device is not so authenticated because the counts are made according to people not using the Wi-Fi on their devices.
If you are willing to buy any of the mentioned technology you should first check the People Counting Camera Price and compare them according to their key features.

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