PPC vs SEO – who wins the race?

Ali Kazmi

  • Aug 23, 2019

As you get into an online business, many people will tell you to go for SEO Services in Lahore and many will tell you that PPC vs SEO is the best option out there. Leaving you unsure whether to just pay your way up the bar through PPC – pay-per-click campaigns.

Or use a search engine marketing tool to get organic ranking through SEO Services in Karachi work better? That’s fine, you are not stuck here alone. It’s obviously hard to decide whether you should put your resources on PPC or SEO Services in Pakistan when it comes to your company’s Digital Marketing Services campaigns.

However, it’s never wise to decide after listening to just one side of the story, so let’s see how both of the tools operate. Being a Digital Marketing Agency has years of experience working with both tools. In this article, we’ve covered their pros and cons. And perhaps, after going through this illustration,  you’d be in a better position to decide what suits your business best.

What does PPC entail?

PPC by its very name suggests that the advertisers pay every time their ad is clicked. In this search engine advertising, Google and other search engines get paid when you bid for keywords related to your company’s products and services. Thus, allowing you to lure search engine traffic to your website.

Pros of PPC

The biggest plus of PPC vs seo is that you don’t have to wait to see the results. As soon as the PPC campaign starts, you will be able to see more traffic, clicks, as well as conversions, generating. By using PPC, you can let go of worrying about the search engine’s algorithm and its effect on your position because you are bidding at the top ranks, and your organic status really doesn’t matter. Maintaining Google’s standard isn’t really necessary.

Moreover, another advantage of using PPC is that it’s controlled and measurable. Considering that you get to set a budget for the campaign and have a fair estimate of what your business is getting out of it. So you know exactly how much resources you need to allocate in order to get the results you need.

Cons of PPC

There are no positives without some negatives attached to it, which means, you don’t get to be all happy about PPC without considering its drawbacks.

First and foremost, you have to pay to get results. It’s all about how much you are ready to spend, the more you pay, the better results you get. With the growing competition for keywords, you might have to pay more in the future to get the results you want.

Secondly, finding appropriate and effective keywords is more important when it comes to PPC vs seo because you are paying for them so you have to be sure about what you choose. So you either spend time looking for them yourself or you might want to hire a specialist to do it for you.

Hence, the conclusion is – More money is spent on PPC. Moreover, PPC vs seo is not like a snowball, it won’t keep on rolling after you stop paying for it. There is a dead-end to it. Now the question is, can your business sustain itself when it is not getting paid clicks.?

You might face another problem when you are dealing with companies that use ‘manual clicks software’ that brings human clicks from different IP addresses across the globe. Google can detect the fraud but it might be too late before it’s figured and your competitors might make a score on your click charges by that time.

How does SEO function?

SEO is basically an organic lead generator. Precisely, it optimizes your E-Commerce Website Development web pages to elevate your position naturally in the search results. It makes sure that the search engines understand your web page and what it offers.  Resulting in a higher rank than your competitors. Moreover,ppc vs SEO has the tendency to change to accommodate different industry trends, as well as Google’s algorithm. Hence, proffering a website that explains its business well to both humans and Google search crawlers.

Pros of Organic SEO

The biggest advantage you can look at when setting up search engine optimization is that it is cost-effective. Yes, the initial cost for both SEO and PPC campaigns is the same. But comparatively, with PPC campaigns, you keep on paying for the clicks whereas, with SEO it’s a one-and-done. Secondly, SEO lasts a lot longer than PPC. While PPC campaigns will stop providing you with traffic the minute you stop the campaigns.

It helps to maintain a high position that it has managed to get after a long time. Thirdly, SEO positioning is stable, given its organic nature, it doesn’t change rapidly due to competitors’ bidding techniques. An optimized site with a strong link authority and quality content will be able to maintain its search engine rank. Surprisingly, even if you divert your attention from it for some time.

Cons of Organic SEO

SEO has downsides too. It is way too slow than PPC vs seo. While PPC vs Seo gives you results in days, SEO will take months to show progress. Secondly, you might not want to undermine the fact that SEO Services Chicago is an ongoing process. So your site never gets to enjoy the perks of being fully optimized. Hence, the more work you put in, the more optimized it gets.

Yes, there is a long-term profit promised with PPC vs SEO but nothing if you are more interested in today. Another big problem with PPC VS SEO is that it is a tiring business especially if you plan on handling it yourself. The other option is that you can seek professional SEO Services in Chicago to do this for you but it would require funds.

After assessing the pros and cons of both PPC vs SEO, we can safely conclude; Both campaigns have their fair share of benefits and drawbacks. Like there is no one key to every lock, similarly, there is no one tactic that helps with every business. The choice of whether to use  PPC vs SEO or maybe both depends on the nature of your business.

It’s okay if you still find it hard to decide, there are a number of reputable Digital Marketing Agencies providing Social Media Management, SEO, and PPC services, working at their fullest to help you with not only the decision-making but also capable of handling both the tools; PPC vs SEO, while you can focus on your business itself.







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