PPC Campaigns Tips To Gather Leads And Greater ROAS

John Smith

  • Jun 10, 2019

If your business is highly focused on the specific client, then PPC- Pay Per Click serves as your best option. Increasing leads and higher ROAS (return on ad spend) becomes a pre-requisite when you outreach a targeted audience. PPC can be a blessing in disguise, provided the PPC Campaigns Tips is set correctly.

Making PPC a huge success can be achieved with just a couple of easy tips. Since the keywords are paid, your keyword choice is crucial to avoid irrelevant words. You might want to mark the negative keywords first. For example, a business dealing strictly with an adult hair mask will avoid words like a facial mask to define its territory.

Another way to go about it is through responsive ads which aren’t a very old phenomenon and has gained increasing popularity with the Social media marketing companies. It is bringing out amazing results as these ads are automated such that it changes its appearance that best suits the target audience.

When targeting a specific set of people, you want to be geographically sound. If the product is available only in Lahore, then the ads are to be directed only to the people in Lahore. Since the cost per click is so high that you would rather put the money to better use. Use zip codes to separate your potential customers. Moreover, you can elevate your geo-targeting by adding locations you don’t serve to your negative keywords list.

It’s a known fact that monitoring your ads round the clock is humanly impossible. So that’s where Google’s automation tools play the wonder card. You need to evaluate your most done task and automate it related to PPC. However, this is not a done and dusted deal, you still have to manage the campaign to ensure its workability. Automated bid management (ABM) is the automation tool commonly used natively to Google ads. It automatically generates the bid within the prescribed budget so you make the best out of your ads.

Ad relevance is the key to success with PPC, the irrelevance of any kind only incurs setbacks. If the viewer doesn’t see his problem being directly addressed through your advertisement, the chances of him not following through will be elevated. The imagery content, as well as the words, should be spot on and be able to hit the nail.

Yet another important tip that follows through is that of landing page optimization, which is precisely the page someone lands on when they click on your ad, and clarity with that, is of the utmost importance. Lapses in this area will be accompanied by negative reviews.

Last but not least, create a campaign that’s specific and voids any legal issues and malpractices. Structured campaigns attract more organized clients.


Having said all this, PPC is not everyone’s cup of tea and one needs to understand that PPC is a relatively expensive business so one needs to be super sure what they are investing in, to ripe the maximum benefit out of it. That’s where professionals like Digital marketing kick in. They have skilled personnel who focuses entirely on what people want and what your business needs. Just contact them and get your work done in no time.







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