Power Of Paid Search – Why Does Your Business Need It?

kashif ali

  • Feb 25, 2022


Advertising on digital media is not a new idea. Sponsored content on Instagram to Ads on Facebook or Google, advertising has been around for quite a while now. Just because it is growing as a marketing channel, it does not mean that the Power of Paid Search is losing its relevance. If anything, in the opinion of marketing experts at Xcentric Services, the importance of advertising and paid search has increased A LOT in the past years. Want to know more about why you need it on your marketing radar? We have covered it all in this blog – give it a read!

5 Reasons To Invest In Paid Search

Paid search matters for every business as it assists in lead generation and eventually drives sales. To give you a detailed insight into the importance of Paid Search Marketing for your business and how we can get you the most out of it, we have FIVE pointers covered right below.

Paid Search Marketing

1. Not Only for Retailers

Some businesses simply write off the paid search concept just because they are not B2C or retailers. The matter’s fact is that even though some industries like retail have already harnessed benefits from paid search, businesses operating in any field can do the same.

Even more, Google is the place where people now head to for finding information about a brand or business. It does not even matter what type of business it is – B2C or B2B, service provider or retailer. So, the conclusion is that people are surely opening the search browser for finding your business too.

Besides, the fact that we have mentioned above is not only true for new prospects looking for a solution to their problem but also the existing customer. Ever wondered when your favourite coffee shop closes and just went to see their open hours on Google or Maps? Or maybe, you might have searched for the phone number of the salon you often visit to book an appointment.

All in all, to search for information related to the businesses we know already and prefer over others is a common practice in the Google-driven era. Hence, do not even think for a second that PPC Marketing is only for retailers. No matter which industry your business belongs to and what size it is, we can ensure that it can be searched easily on Google. After all, it is where every other person goes for finding information about a business.

PPC Marketing

2. Take Up On Real Estate

While you do understand that being present on search engines is important – particularly on Google, focusing only on SEO and calling off the day is not enough. With every passing year, the advertising trend is increasing. Moreover, countless types of ads are also introduced by Google, from the traditional text-only Ads to carousels, map listings, and more.

With the various Ad types available, the Power of Paid Search is also increasing more and more in the SERPs. We recently searched for one of our clients and Googled – dental clinics in Lahore. Guess what? The first page of results was full of paid search results. In fact, the organic result did not appear until the end of the first page. Well, the only reason behind this is that paid search is taking over Google and the client was only investing in SEO.

Hence, to capture a HUGE share of the website traffic and get on the first page of search engine results, hire us to put paid marketing strategies into action. Even if you have an SEO strategy, it can be overlooked because of the many Ads appearing on top of organic results – and this is something no business wants.

Paid Search Advertising

3. Focus On Purchasing Intent

Businesses often struggle with ensuring that the clicks on their website actually result in revenues. Are you in the same boat? Well then, let us target paid search campaigns for you so that your target audience gets to see you on search engine result pages when searching for something you sell.

Search engine optimization is great for long-tail searchers, who are seeking information about a business and might purchase from them in the future. By maintaining an SEO strategy that is focused on content, you can dominate all such searchers and target them. However, this process is time-taking and takes constant effort.

On the other hand, there are those searchers too who need a solution immediately – and the Power of Paid Search is for them. If someone is looking for a dentist to get their teeth that are in pain fixed, there is no chance they will go through the pages of search results to find a dentist nearby. Hence, for your target audience, become that instant solution provider by investing in paid search. Your website will show up on the first page, right on top of the organic results – a dream come true.


In the marketing strategies of businesses, Paid Search Advertising is always there. However, because the landscape of Google keeps shifting, the significance of this marketing method is also increasing with time. The marketing experts at Xcentric Services can help you plan and target a converting paid search campaign that generates leads and a high ROI. To get started, drop us a query at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY!







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