What Trends We Focus On To Plan An Instagram Marketing Strategy?


  • Jan 24, 2022

With the start of 2022, businesses are wondering which social media trends they need to keep pace with. Out of all the platforms, Instagram has grown into the most popular and profitable one. It is a video and photo-sharing social network every user follows at least two or three businesses. With this rise in popularity and changing trends, we understand that planning an Instagram Marketing Strategy can be tricky. But hey, why worry when Xcentric Services is here to the rescue with its marketing team always keeping an eye on trends? In this blog, we have given an insight into the Instagram trends that will stay in 2022 . These are the ones we leverage to get our clients ahead in the game.

Top 5 Trends In Instagram Marketing That Are On Our List

Do you use Instagram for marketing your business, or still confused about using it? In either case, you need to stay on top of the latest trends taking the social media world by storm. More than 1 billion active monthly users check the platform daily and follow several businesses on it.

With such a HUGE user base, it is quite easy to get lost. However, when we plan your Instagram Marketing strategies, every relevant trend will be included in them. Excited to know which trends we plan to adapt in 2022 for our clients to meet their marketing goals? Keep reading!

Instagram Marketing


1. Shopping Features

The thought must have crossed your mind that Instagram is growing into an online shopping platform. Well, to be honest, you are thinking right. However, this is working in a positive sense as the shopping feature is aimed at bridging the gaps between customers and businesses on Instagram.

Therefore, for our clients at Xcentric Services, we use this feature as a marketing tool or, say, an E-Commerce channel within the social media platform. Images or videos posted using the feature have a shopping bag icon placed on the products or services that are being promoted.

On clicking the icon, the customers see a product image, its information, and a direct link to the website for buying it. As a whole, this feature does not only boosts sales. It also drives traffic to the website and connects potential customers with the business.

2. Community Engagement

It is no secret that Instagram is a social media platform that excels at prompting conversations and increasing engagement rates. Thanks to its playful nature, the social giant always comes up with exciting and unique ways of interacting with its users. From the interactive stickers in Stories to the emoji reactions, Instagram polls, and a lot more; the platform surely knows how to strike a conversation and keep it going.

Now, being an agency that knows how to use Social Media Platforms for Marketing, we understand the benefits of communities. They help double engagement rates by keeping the customer customers engaged and double the conversions for businesses. Hence, for clients on board, we focus on this trend too. Because surely, staying engaged in communities demands sincere and constant conversations.

Social Media Platforms for Marketing

3. Instagram Video Stories

The year 2022 is all about turning on your camera and recording videos rather than taking static images. Likewise, no matter how many followers you have on Instagram as a business, without the use of videos on Stories, there is no way you can increase the engagement rate.

Normally, big brands post 15 to 16 posts on average every month, and according to our experience of planning an Instagram Marketing Strategy, two to four stories in a day do the job well. For us as an agency, the past year was all about publishing video content on the social media feed of clients. Hence, with the increasing popularity of the Stories feature, we can hook your follower base too by leveraging it.

4. Reels Usage

Another popular trend on Instagram that we are not forgetting in 2022 is Reels, which was created in response to TikTok. It is a feature that enables creating dynamic and short videos of 15-seconds with the use of camera effects, text, music, and stickers.

Moving forward in this year, we are adding this feature to every Instagram Marketing Strategy we plan for clients at Xcentric Services. It will give them an upper hand on the social media platform because it is still a fresh feature, catches the attention of the followers quickly, and translates them into conversions.

Instagram Influencer Marketing.

5. Brand Personalities

Instagram started off as a visual-sharing platform only but is much more now. There is no secret that the platform is not used for sharing aesthetically pleasing images only anymore. It is now a marketing channel that gets engagement and conversions.

In a nutshell, we now take Instagram as more of a social channel than media. Only brands with personalities can survive on  it. Precisely, this means that posting on the platform daily is not enough.

Hence, we do not only stay consistent at posting in the Instagram Feed for our clients. Instead, we put effort into bringing their personalities. Whether that requires us to use Instagram Reels, Stories, or any other feature of the platform, our team makes sure to bring personality to the table for our clients.

Final Thoughts

Having an Instagram marketing strategy in action means being consistent on the platform is a MUST for businesses. So, assuming that you have read through this blog and understand which trends we are following in 2022, why not add it to your marketing radar?

The new year will surely be exciting for the social media giant too, and you should not miss out on anything, be it anything in features or Instagram Influencer Marketing. To get your customized marketing plan and a breakdown of its pricing, drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY. The marketing team at Xcentric Services will get back to you soon.







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