What Planning A Social Media Marketing Strategy Should Look Like In 2022?

kashif ali

  • Jun 29, 2022

Thinking of fine-tuning your Social Media Marketing strategies in 2022? Great – because NOW is the perfect time to make this happen. In a landscape with content, network, and competition more than ever, a concise marketing strategy provides the focus needed for saying NO to efforts not serving goals. Hence, we have put together this comprehensive guide to help businesses like you in creating a plan for marketing on social media from scratch.

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6 Best Practices To Create An Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Whether you are completely new to social media or want to double-check the marketing priorities in 2022, we have you covered. Our team of Social Media Experts swears by these best practices for creating an effective marketing strategy to promote a business on social media. Give them a read before the year passes by and you are left behind with just a few likes on your social media posts.

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1.      Set Goals That Make Sense

Kicking things off with a simple question – what do you want out of social media anyway? Planning a social media strategy begins with setting goals and according to stats, the most common goals are boosting brand awareness and community engagement. So, whether your goal is to build a more active community or a large following, the first step to achieving it is defining the social goals.

In both cases, it is the goal that defines the marketing strategy, and also how much energy plus time will go into the campaigns. All along, what will really matter is setting REALISTIC goals. Yes, we emphasize the word realistic a lot and recommend tackling the small objectives first. It will allow scaling the social effort in a way that is both – affordable and reasonable. Some of the goals that businesses of every size and setting can pursue include:

  • Increasing Brand Awareness
  • Generating Leads & Sales
  • Growing Brand Audience
  • Boosting Community Engagement
  • Driving Website Traffic

Combining these goals when targeting a Social Media Marketing Strategy is a fair game and will help you in tackling other marketing channels too. Also, whenever in doubt, keep the strategy simple rather than setting too many complicated objectives that can distract you. Pick a few teams and rally your marketing team around them, you will surely succeed.
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2.      Take Time & Research Your Target Audience

Assuming things is a big NO for marketers and unfortunately, only 50% of marketers use social data for better understanding the target audience. What the rest do not know is that the data is a huge opportunity for both the marketing practitioners and leaders.

Much of whatever you should know about your target audience to influence the marketing strategy is already available out there. So, as a business marketer on social media, you just need to know where to look for it.

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Using the right Social Media Marketing tools, you can research the target audience and plan an effective marketing campaign. The cherry on top: no data science hacks or formal market research is necessary.

3.      Remember: Different Social Platforms Attract Difference Audiences

To begin with, take the social media demographics of today as an example. The numbers speak loud about which social media platforms you should approach as a brand and what type of content you should publish. Here are some important takeaways for your Social Media Campaign:

  • YouTube and Facebook both are prime platforms for advertising because of their high-earning user base.
  • Instagram and YouTube are the most-used social media platforms by Generation Z and Millennials.
  • Women outnumber the men on Pinterest – a platform known for boasting a high average order value for social shoppers.
  • The user base on LinkedIn is very educated, making it a hub for industry-specific content that is different from that on Twitter or Facebook.

Even though the demographic data given above has provided an insight into every social media platform, do not spread too wide. Instead, think about your OWN target audience – focus on the platforms where the potential customers are active already.

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4.      Establish Important KPIs & Metrics

No matter what your goals are or which industry you belong to, your Social Media Advertising and marketing strategy should be driven by data. That simply means focusing on important social media metrics.

Rather than focusing on vanity metrics, dig into actionable metrics and data aligning with your goals directly. Got no idea which metrics we are talking about? Check out the breakdown given below:

  • Post Reach – the count of users who saw what you posted and the overall content reach on a user’s feed.
  • Clicks – the count of clicks on your account or content. Tracking this KPI is important for understanding what encourages curiosity and sales.
  • Engagement – the count of total social interactions divided by the count of total impressions, shedding light on how well the audience perceived your brand.
  • Paid & Organic Likes – beyond the standard count of likes, these interactions are connected to organic or paid content. Knowing this number helps in balancing organic and paid marketing.
  • Hashtag Performance – gets an answer to which hashtags were used the most and which associated more with your brand. The answer helps shape the content focus moving forward.

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5.      Create Engaging Social Media Content

Well, we have got no surprise here because it is quite obvious that Social Media Marketing strategies hinge on content. At this point, as a business marketing on social media, you need to have a pretty clear idea of what you want to publish – based on your brand identity, target audience, and goals.

Now, what about the content strategy? Think of a particular brand and its social media posts. Whenever you look at them, it just feels like theirs, right? That is what you have to nail for your brand too.

From the Reels to graphics and beyond, businesses rely on one creative touch and content layout. This practice helps them in becoming more consistent on a content marketing strategy, which makes sense to us being a full-service Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan. Narrowing down the specifics of what content you should publish while making sure that it is innovative, here are some trends you should tap into:

  • Stories & Time-Sensitive Posts – they trigger the FOMO of followers
  • Short-Form Videos – the most valuable content type dominating social space
  • Show Off Human Side – remind followers that a human is there behind posts

Pro-Tip: go ahead with conducting a competitive analysis. It will help you create a content strategy that stands out in ever-increasing competition on social media.

6.      Keep Assessing & Improving The Strategy

By now, you must have a big-picture understanding of the marketing strategy targeted on social media. However, alongside this, it is also important that you adopt the strategy throughout the year – and that is not possible without analyzing the efforts continuously.

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A bird’s eye view of all the marketing activities on your social media can help put things into the right perspective. Speaking straightforwardly, this means that you should look at the top-performing content and adjust the marketing campaigns when the content comes to an end.

Keeping things transparent, there is no denying the fact that marketing on social media is all a matter of trial and error. Hence, keep monitoring your campaign metrics in real-time and tweak them all along rather than making time-consuming updates when their performance goes down.

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