Plan Your Digital Marketing Campaign in 2022: 4 Easy Steps

Mahum Khalid

  • Apr 05, 2022

Truth to be spoken, keeping up with the always-changing marketing trends is a full-time job. In the year 2022 alone, there has been a major shift towards short-form video content, the fall and rise of new platforms – talking about Meta, and the continuing impact of COVID-19. The thing is, what worked for your Digital Marketing strategy last year might not fly today. Hence, to achieve success in the marketing world and stay relevant with the target audience, staying ahead of the curve is vital.

To help lessen some of that uncertainty, we have covered this guide on how to create a marketing strategy step-by-step and leave no stone unturned. Let’s drive into the important components of marketing strategies that we plan at Xcentric Services – followed by some examples.

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Planning Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy – THE FOUR STEPS

Marketing strategies that are robust help reach the target audience, including those who have never heard about your brand and even repeat customers. Without a pre-defined strategy, you will probably be throwing things on the wall for seeing what sticks.

Unfortunately, this will cost you time, resources, and money. On the other hand, if you plan a strategy for nailing Digital Marketing in Pakistan, it will:

  • Align your team to reach specific goals
  • Help with tying your efforts with business objectives
  • Allow identifying and testing what resonates with the target audience

There are six key steps to planning a successful strategy for digital marketing; creating buyer personas, identifying the goals, reviewing existing resources, and lastly – executing the strategy. For more details about each step, you can jump to the next sections.

Digital Marketing in Pakistan

1. Creating Buyer Personas

If you cannot define who your target audience is in a single sentence, do it NOW. Buyer personas are a snapshot of the ideal customers of a business. For example, a store like Metro or Al-Fatah could define a buyer persona as people above 30s living in Lahore, looking to get groceries for their home at the lowest prices.

With the description in mind, the marketing department of both the departmental stores pictures the target audience and works accordingly. Buyer personas typically have critical psychographic and demographic information, including age, income, challenges, jobs, and interests. Notice how a 30-year old has all these attributes in their description?

Now, if you are finding a pen and paper to create the buyer persona, stop right there. Get a free template from HubSpot and make a buyer persona using it – you will have fun. Moreover, you can also use other platforms that help identify, understand and reach the audience through artificial intelligence and data.

Is this step sounding like a lot of hard work and you do not have time or resources for that? No worries, hire Xcentric Services as your partner Digital Marketing Company in Pakistan.
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2. Identifying The Goals

A marketing strategy needs to reflect the goals of a business. For instance, assume that one of your goals is to get 200 people to attend your annual conference in the next two months. Your goal being a marketer should be staying along the lines of increasing online registration by 20% at the end of the month for staying on track.

Digital Marketing Company in Pakistan

Your other marketing goals can be increasing brand awareness or generating high-quality leads. On top of it, you might as well want to maintain or grow the leadership of your business in the industry or boost customer value. Whatever the goals are, identify what they are and how you can plan a Digital Marketing strategy to achieve them all over the next few months.

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3. Reviewing Your Media

Go through your media store and decide what you can use for creating a marketing strategy. For streamlining this process, think of all the assets you have in three categories – owned, paid, and earned media.

  • Paid Media – includes all the channels that you spend on for attracting the target audience like direct mail, billboard marketing, TV Ads, social media, websites, and search engines.
  • Earned Media – another way to say content generated by users. For example, social media tweets about your brand, photos posted on Instagram, and Facebook posts mentioning it.
  • Owned Media – referring to any kind of media that is created by your marketing team, such as videos, ebooks, pictures, podcasts, infographics, etc.

Gather all the material from each media type and combine them at one location for having a clear vision of what you have and how it can be integrated to maximize the strategy results. For instance, if you have a blog already and are rolling out content weekly in your niche, consider promoting the blog posts on Twitter or Facebook. Ultimately, this will help create a well-rounded marketing strategy.

Need help with reviewing your media and planning a strategy? Marketers at Xcentric are here to your rescue. Speak to them by calling at 0300-800-2094 or drop a query at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY.

Digital Marketing strategy

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4. Audit & Plan Media Campaigns

Moving to the next step, you have to decide on which content is helpful for planning your Digital Marketing strategy. Well, at this point, we suggest focusing on the marketing goals and the media you own. For instance, think if adding CTAs at the end of blogs help you increase the conversions?

Next, have a look at the buyer personas. Say you are working for a video editing software company. If one of the challenges of your personas is adding clean sound effects in those videos but you do not have content reflecting it, make a 15-second video for Instagram; showing how great the product is.

Finally, create your content creation strategy. It should include the topic clusters, format, channels for every content type, and goals. However, ensure that you include which challenge it will solve for your buyer persona. To get ideas on creating content or a more in-depth look at creating a marketing plan, read out our blogs.

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