People Counting Technologies Adopted by Supermarkets

John Smith

  • May 16, 2019

Manufacturers are trying to implement different technologies in people counting camera devices, the main purpose is to boost up accuracy and functionality.

Supermarkets are for every kind of customer. With the availability of fresh vegetables, canned food, bakery items, and technology department they are able to attract many visitors daily. Their goal is to turn a visitor into a buyer. That is why it is critical to managing a supermarket precisely.

Suppose you have a potential customer and he has been a regular customer for a long time in your superstore. He comes in before Thanksgiving occasion. It is the crowded cheerful season and he is having a tough time finding the products he wants. He looks out for a staff member to get some help, yet there is no one available from the staff to entertain him because they are all busy with refilling the shelves or entertaining other customers.

He keeps on moving in your store with his shopping cart, tries to find the products himself, and wastes lots of his time. After all that hustle he comes to know that there is a line at check-out as well. In this case, the customer no matter how loyal he is will leave your store right away and look for a better store to get his things.

These situations can be avoided by the implementation of visitor analytics technologies. It helps in understanding the entry and exit ways of customers, mention peak hours of your business, queue management at checkouts, and proper staff distribution is checked and made easy to supervise the store with the help of these latest technologies.

People Counting Camera

People counting devices are used in different industries such as retail, exhibitions and events, shopping malls, and airports to count the footfall in a given physical space and analyze it in accordance with time-based metrics. For every industry that is trying to get higher customer satisfaction, it is very important to implement people counting systems in their business venues.

People counting technology helps you to understand visitor behaviors as it counts the number of people entering and exiting the supermarket in real-time. Good quality people counting system with the latest technology will identify the peak hours and days, how many visitors your store gets in a particular time period, also helps you to discover how many of these visitors turn into good buyers.

By discovering your power hours, which your store generates the most customer traffic, you will be able to increase or decrease the number of staff when it is needed, optimizing your costs and increasing profitability.

Heatmap Analytics

It is always crucial for supermarket businesses to assess both planned and impulse-driven verdicts of customers in order to maintain a more classy shopping experience. That is why it is essential to use Heatmap Analytics. The heatmap technology offers you to understand visitor’s behavior, where they are most concerned, what they are trying to search and what drives them to buy some specific products.

With Heatmap Analysis, you will be able to discover the popular areas and aisles in your store and by determining the reasons behind the performance of successful zones, you can replicate this success in other zones.

Heatmaps are also used to create marketing campaigns and promotions for products in-store. By creating campaigns in less popular zones and promoting campaigns in hot zones you can optimize your overall sales.

Queue Management Technology

It is necessary to reduce the time that your customers spend at the checkout procedure in order to prevent missed sales opportunities. With the latest queue management technology, you can calculate the number of buyers that go through checkout queues, the average time spent in the queue, and then you can improve your queue lengths in real-time.

Visitor analytics technologies such as People Counting Camera, Heatmap Analytics, and Queue Management, helps businesses to carefully analyze every inch of their physical space and customers behavior, this allows businessmen to boost up their profits, with the help of better management of purchases, proper optimization of market layout, successful promotions and active staff allocation. Creating a better shopping experience for customers and showing them that you value their time, will keep boosting up your revenue and customer satisfaction as well.







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