People Counting Camera Solution For Back To School Shopping

John Smith

  • May 09, 2019

People counting camera offers great ease to the retailer, when it comes to analytics and reports people counters provide the accurate data report generated.

According to a survey among different stores retailers come to know that in recent years, parents have delayed their shopping until later in the season to verify the price is right, and this trend is continuing in 2016. More than 30 percent of parents will be seeking deals and coupons in order to make back-to-school shopping for both school-aged and college-aged students as budget-friendly and economical as possible. It is up to you either you believe it or not but back to school time is just around the corner and back to school shopping is in the eyes of parents and retailers similarly.

What does this invasion of budget-conscious, smart shoppers mean for retailers? It means that maximizing seasonal sales and profits will come down to strategic pricing and placement.

For brick-and-mortar stores, utilizing data gathered by V-Count thermal people counters to measure footfall traffic will enable retailers to construct displays and store layouts in the most efficient and shopper-friendly way possible. Enabling their customers to easily find the items and deals they are seeking will prevent shoppers from looking elsewhere, and will, in turn, maximize profits.

Additionally, implementing Queue Intelligence software from V-Count will ensure that, as crowds increase, the customer experience is superior to the competition. Queue Intelligence enables retailers to gauge the appropriate staffing and minimizes wait times at check-out, making the shopping experience more enjoyable for consumers.

Back to school can be a stressful season across the board, but retailers can make their season successful with strategically implemented technology from V-Count.

Talking about the technology, manufacturers of people counters are trying to remove all the minor glitches in the devices and they want to make these devices 100 percent accurate so that retailers or any other person do not face any trouble due to inaccuracy in data collected. Right now you will see different people counting devices and the main purpose of these all devices is one, to track down customer journey and check the customer dwell time. I did not say that the devices are only used for people counting or customer counting because it can be done manually as well. Assigning a person the job to count people, it is that simple.

When it comes to tracking the customer journey and saving customer behavior, here people counters fit in. it is hard to calculate entering and leaving people at the same time but things can be managed with the footfall counter. Right now in the market, you will see different kinds of technologies and shapes implemented in these devices. 3D Alpha + by V-Count is said to be the most accurate people counter in the whole market right now. With embedded Wi-Fi technology implemented in it, it is 98 percent accurate in the results. It is the most selling brand nowadays.

Other than the 3D footfall counter, there are many technologies that manufacturers tried to implement in the devices for the maximum accuracy in the data that is generated by these devices.

Why the people counting data should be accurate?

The main reason why the people counting data should be authenticated and accurate because after analyzing that data the businessman or the retailer will take some steps or maybe makes some decision to improve the outlet displays and staff management. Such major decisions take place after analyzing footfall data and if the reports or the data are inaccurate the improvements or the struggle will not only useless but may also cost you a lot in the loss.

If you are a businessman and connected to the retail business do install people counting camera in your business venue to improve the future of retail.







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