People Counting Camera A Tool To Track In-Store Insights

John Smith

  • Apr 09, 2019

Nowadays retailers are looking forward to enhancing their businesses and revenue. When they are told about some new innovations they just get confused.

People counters are the face of the latest technology to analyze and gather your in-store insights. Saying like may leave many into confusion. So here we are to explain to you what actually people counting devices are capable of and why they are important for your business.

The world is stepping towards technology and innovation day by day and these implementations can be noticed on the online world, where you can check online stores, online transactions and traffics. These terms were once related to living businesses.

The purpose to say this was to relate your retail to an e-commerce website, how well the owner manages and keep a check on every single thing on his website. Any kind of under-performance or changes in the layout is kept in mind so that maximum business can be generated.

Same like that your retail business work and there is no business without customers, so to keep a proper track record of your customers and staff regarding any campaigns or marketing event, V-Count is manufacturing a wide range of people counting devices. Xcentric Services is partners with V-Count and provide people counting camera to customers in Pakistan.

For better understanding, we will discuss the importance of Wi-Fi people counter analytics.

As I mentioned before like website analytics can be used to examine and improve a website’s performance, so Wi-Fi people counter analytics can be used to analyze and improve a store’s performance. Wi-Fi traffic analytics analyzes and tracks metrics relating to footfall traffic by gathering data from shoppers’ smartphones as they enter, stay, and exit a store. This is possible because any smartphone that has Wi-Fi turned on, on the device will be counted by the people counting software.

People counting camera allow you to track the following insights in real-time:

Unique visitors

People counters are now smart enough to track the new visitors in your store. Tracking the count of new people entered in your store and then comparing them with your sales may give you a brief of where you are losing sales. Plus it will guide you about the peak hours at your store so that you can manage your staff accordingly.

Returning visitors

Not everybody who enters your store is a unique visitor some are returning visitors who make some purchases as well and called as customers. Retail people counters are able to recognize such customers by facial recognition or on the base of device data. Returning visitors are more potential customers as there are more chances that they will make a purchase.


Passers-by is someone who just passes by your store’s doors without entering in your store. If your store location has a high number of passers-by, but low footfall traffic in your store, you need to make your window display more attractive so that they get into your store.

Visitor frequency and loyalty

Tracking how often customers and other visitors visit your store during a specific time period helps you measure customer loyalty.

Bounce rates

People counters also inform you about the bounce rate of your store. Bounce rate is actually a measurement used for the people who did not interact with any purchase or product and left the store without adding their impression. The reasons for the high bounce rate are different such as lack of staff and ill-mannered staff or rude behavior of staff with visitors.

If you are facing any of these issues in your retail store business you need to get some smart tools to check your store performance from products to employees. If you are related to any other industry than retailing or facing any other issue do contact us for professional guidance. At Xcentric Services our team of professionals will come up with the best business solution for you.







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