People Counter Lead Manufacturer And Its Services

John Smith

  • Mar 08, 2019

Retail business is spreading the overall world and so the responsibilities are increased. To ease retailers and to improve profits technologies are taking place.

Among all the manufacturers of people counters the best and the most authenticate name we hear is V-Count. Producing the best people counting solutions V-Count is among the lead manufacturers. The products manufactured by the company are helpful for all the retailers and other organizations as well. The main work of the manufactured people counters is that they convert eCommerce analytics in improving business efficiency.

It is possible by a good understanding of customer activity and the collected data gives you the exact idea of that. The products are created to improve efficiency in the retail business industry. Covering the areas of retail business such shopping malls, airports, duty-free shops, gas stations, telecom companies, supermarkets, car showrooms, pharmacies, libraries and museums, casinos, theme parks, smart buildings, churches, temples, exhibitions, banks, social events, restaurants and bars, and transportation services.

Xcentric Services is a partner with V-Count and the ambition is to provide retailers a good opportunity to improve their retail business through the integration of new technology in their business venue. Although this technology is not so new in Pakistan still many retailers don’t understand the point of people counters.

Some retailers argue about the revenue and profit through people counter, first of all, understand the fact that the people counters generate a counting data and track of customer journey in the retail store. The data provides information on customer behavior and customer interest. Then it is up to you as a retailer how smart you are to cash the counting data into profits. The device is not going to pay you itself. It will aid you to study your customer behavior.

As mentioned Xcentric Services sell V-Count people counters on the website store and many clients have already availed of the opportunity but if you think there is a need for people counter in your retail business. You are welcome to check Xcentric Services for people counting camera price. Let see some of the prominent products and the services of V-Count.

People Counting Cameras

V-Count promises the retailers to convert their profits to a good level with the help of accurate data. Many retail stores and shopping malls are sometimes too much busy which means more eyes and more staff required to serve the customers properly but you cannot put whole the staff all times of the day because there is no peak every time.

The people counters manufactured by V-Count can count both individually and in groups as well. One of the best people counters with a minimum accuracy of 98% 3D Alpha+ having a stereo vision technology-enabled in it.

Queue Management

The manufacturer is currently offering the V-Count Queue camera with an up-to-date algorithm and the latest stereo vision technology-enabled. The queue management products can accurately calculate the number of customers at the billing counters in queues. It is also able to show the average time spent in the queue as well.

Heat Map

Heat Maps give data of customer’s actions and they will also tell the most interacted point of your retail store or shopping mall. The specialty of its latest mechanism is to show the number of crowd in different areas of the stores.

Staff Exclusion

The movement of staff from the areas where people counters are installed gives a wrong data, the staff is counted as a customer that makes difference in the data. To avoid this situation the V-Count introduce Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon known as BLE as well. The BLE tags on staff members will be recognized by the counters and they will be excluded from the data.

These were some very main services and products of V-Count people counters. If you are smart enough to cash the idea Xcentric Services has the whole variety of V-Count counters. Logon to Xcentric Services Website Store to get the people counting camera price.







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