Did you know the Paid advertisement is the new choice of leading brands?

Ali Kazmi

  • Sep 03, 2019

As one of Newton’s infamous laws, “Every action has an equal and or opposite Reaction”. Paid advertisement too has a reaction when connecting with your target market. It’s a simple technique, the more attention you want for your brand, the more smartly you pay for the paid advertisement and Digital Marketing Services. In 2019, more and more people are focusing on paid advertisements to bring their businesses to the limelight. One question that might have invaded your mind while reading this is why would people leave the apparently ‘free marketing. And move to something, that if not used smartly will dig holes in your pockets.

Initially, social media was a means to connect to your loved ones across the globe. But in today’s world, it has acquired the status of every leading brand’s first love. Social Media Marketing has become as important as doing business itself. Because how you plan on selling the products and services when you don’t have people who trust you enough to buy from you matters the most. Let’s see why leading brands and every Social Media Marketing Agency switched to paid advertisements and are loving it.

Loyalty is the paramount

Trust is hard to build and harder to demolish. When your customer starts to believe in you, hardly there is a chance that they will let go, unless you disappoint them big time. Advertising helps you target your audience and develop a connection with them so that they stick by your side. Image, words, and colors that you use in your paid advertisement are what your customers identify you as and when they see those ads time and again, they are classically conditioned. Just imagine the brand loyalty of that girl who thinks of Mango whenever she thinks of getting a dress for her birthday. That’s exactly what you want for your business.

The traffic will flow

Generating traffic for your website is one of the major goals of marketing. Why? Well, more traffic means more customers, and more customers eventually mean more sales. It’s a vicious cycle that needs to be kept in mind when you are marketing your brand. The paid advertisement makes your ads more visible to the people out there. The more an ad is shown, the more there are chances of that person to click on it, consequently, creating more traffic. Reports suggest that the brands that’ve increased their paid advertisements over the past 5 years have experienced more than a 100% increase in their sales.

A positive image is a charm

Positive and attractive paid advertisement is a subtle and powerful way of informing your customers. And your competitors that you are out in the market to make a mark and race whatever competition is thrown your way. The customers can trust you when you just make your presence felt rather than lashing out at the existing companies. There is no better way to create a positive image of your brand than through creating good ads and using PPC to make it viral within your target audience.

Old customer is the Salary while New customer is the Bonus

Hammering a flat surface will keep it flat but won’t expand the area unless you start hammering a new bumpy surface. Similarly, while keeping your existing customer hooked to you is of utmost importance, not exploring new, potential clients will make your brand stagnant. If your brand isn’t growing, what exactly is your marketing team doing? wasn’t multiplying the whole point? Facebook Marketing is a cool way to introduce your business to new people within your target demographics. Who knows, they get so impressed by your ads that they might convert.

Lead the Race

While the paid advertisement is a constant reminder for the customers that they chose you for a reason. It is also a heads-up for the competitors that you are nowhere near slowing down. With a neck-to-neck competition, if you consider the clothing brands alone. Any brand that slows down on its campaigns is not giving its consumers an incentive to get you as better than the rest. Because clearly, you were busy with something else while everyone was busy convincing the customers.

Keeps your clients updated

How will they know about your new products and services, unless you advertise them?. Tell them what they need to know about the new launch through ads all over social media. Brands these days would also take refuge with SMS and Email marketing to reach more individuals. They have to know to be interested. Attractive ads make your business now and for the future.

One thing all leading brands keep in mind is Social Media Management and Advertising. And especially paid, though it’s not the only one as you constantly have to put in the effort to stay upright. For this purpose, brands like Golden Girl hire a Digital Marketing Agency to handle their YouTube Marketing in Pakistan, Email Marketing in Lahore, and Instagram Marketing. And if you feel like your brand needs Digital Marketing Services in Chicago too, approach a reputable Digital Marketing Company to achieve the best.







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