How Can Outsourcing A 24×7 Call Center Agency Benefit Your Business?

Mahum Khalid

  • Jul 21, 2022

Customer service and retention depend on responsiveness. But, the majority of businesses are only open between 9-5 on weekdays. So what about the after-hours customer service? In this customer-centric world, B2C businesses must have the capability of offering support to customers over the weekends, after working hours, and even 24×7 in some industries. Hiring a Call Center Agency to Outsource Customer Services is the only solution to provide extensive customer support without any limitations of time.

Since the target audience is also on their way home after 5 pm, getting in touch with a business when they are not busy is a preference. Are you still having second thoughts about investing in Call Center Outsourcing Services to manage your customer support? Give this blog a read to find out the benefits you can get by doing so regardless of the industry your business belongs to.

Already familiar with the Benefits of Outsourcing a Call Center? Get on board with Xcentric and let our call center agents manage your customers 24×7. For more details about our services, ring us at 0300-800-2094 or drop a query at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

Outsourcing A Call Center Team – THE FOUR BENEFITS

Unfortunately, many businesses assume that handling customer service in-house is the only way to make sure that the customers are satisfied. Although it is convenient if you have a team to handle every requirement, businesses are realizing the endless benefits of outsourcing Call Center Services.

Back in 2020, corporate entities and brands discovered immediately that they cannot cope with the massive impact of COVID-19 by just having an in-house team of Call Center Representatives. During the peak pandemic times, nervous and concerned customers encountered that average customer support call hold times stretched from minutes to hours – because the teams had A LOT on their plate.

Call Center in Pakistan

On the other hand, creating the Best Call Center in Lahore in-house is time-consuming and much more costly than outsourcing a team. Other than offering cost-effective customer support and meeting the challenges of managing customers, here is how outsourcing an Outbound Call Center and Inbound Call Center benefits:

1.  Better Customer Retention & Relationships

Customers are always willing to wait for answers to their queries – but for a short time. So yes, being a business, you should never overestimate it and think about Business Process Outsourcing. In the existing scenario, customers expect and appreciate a quick response.

Answering their questions means that you are expanding the information chain that they share with others. Hence, never frustrate them by delaying the responses. Outsource a Call Center in Pakistan, as frustrating customers can lead to a bad reputation for your business.

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2.  Generate More Sales

New businesses are under pressure of responding more immediately. If you do not respond to a customer in time, they are certain to not do business with you. And, in the worst case, there is a possibility of losing the lead, that too FOREVER – and that is where Call Center Consulting comes to the rescue.

For replying quickly to customer queries and getting a favourable outcome out of it in the form of revenues, invest in Call Center Outsourcing Services. In the long run, this will show your customers that you care for them and are attentive to their concerns.

In addition, customers also appreciate the 24/7 customer support even when they are not expecting. It is a service that only successful businesses focus on – for which they rely on Call Center Outsourcing Companies. And, replying to the chat messages, sales calls, and emails of the customers immediately makes them trust you more.

Call Center Outsourcing

Often, when a customer leaves a message for a business to contact them, they get frustrated and decide otherwise if the response takes too long. Therefore, to win customers, be available for them 24/7, and double revenues, outsource Call Center BPO.

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3.  Boost Productivity

Outsourcing a Call Center Agency like Xcentric ends the burden of delivering customer service around the clock. Usually, customers face issues that require quick attention even after business hours, but doing so is not possible for the in-house team as they have a lot on their plate.

For that reason, let an Outsourced Call Center team manage the customer support while your in-house team spends time on other important tasks more productively. Even if there is no way the agents at our Top Call Center in Lahore can resolve the problem, they will still get you all the information needed to solve it.

Overall, along with satisfying customers, hiring a BPO Company for managing customer support will not only satisfy the customers. It will also boost the productivity of your in-house team, while the call center agents provide proactive customer service.

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4.  Better Business Reputation

Successfully providing customer service and fully satisfying customers over a call is a skill that not every other person can master. In fact, this does not even come naturally, and speaking with clarity, quickly resolving inquiries, and making a decision on the spot requires training. And, that is exactly what we have trained our Call Center Agency team for. Getting on board with us will benefit your business in countless ways – customer satisfaction being the main goal behind our Inbound Call Center Services and Outbound Call Center Services.

Call Center Agency

Considering Outsourcing Call Center Services that are a fusion of order management and customer support? Partner with Xcentric. To get more details about our services, ring us at 0300-800-2094 or drop a query at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

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    [/vc_column][/vc_row] Many businesses think that handling customer support activities in-house is the right way to ensure customer satisfaction. However, this is only convenient in cases where there is a team in place for handling all the Call Center Campaigns. In the other scenario where there is no team, building one can be time-consuming and costly. Hiring a Call Center Out Sourcing Company like Xcentric is the BEST bet in that case.

    We provide a cost-effective Call Center Outsourcing service that meets the challenges of the current customer-driven world. Also, unlike other Call Centers in Lahore, we only provide Call Center Job in Pakistan to agents who are experienced and highly trained at handling high volumes of call. Hence, you can count on us as a trust-able ‘BPO Near Me‘ that handles your customer support without any downtime.







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