Why Choose Our Odoo ERP Custom Development Services?

Ali Kazmi

  • Dec 15, 2020


In this era, every business in Pakistan is at a fast pace towards growth. To cope up with the growing tech needs, being a business, you too need to be well-equipped with an ERP system. It helps in keeping a check on day-to-day functionalities and automating work tasks. Hence, it’s time to call for an Odoo ERP Development Company like Xcentric Services. We can give your business the power of automation with Odoo ERP Custom Development.

By implementing an ERP system like Odoo, you can get your in-house team to focus more on other tasks that require more attention. Also, utilizing human power for developing your business can be a recurring costly, while implementing Odoo ERP is a one-time investment.

However, every business has different needs and work processes. Hence, for this reason, we provide custom Odoo Implementation Services. When businesses hire us for custom implementation, we make sure that the Odoo ERP system best-suits their requirements.

Being an Odoo Partners in Lahore, we offer modules that fit the needs of every business; small, medium, or large scale. Do you want to know more about Odoo, and why our custom implementation services are recommended by businesses in Pakistan? Read through the blog; It has everything covered in detail!

What Odoo ERP Custom Development Is All About?

Our ERP consultants at Xcentric Services recommend businesses in Pakistan to implement Odoo as their ERP system because it provides every module and functionality under one roof. Regardless of what size the business is, every user of the ERP system gets access to unified data.

Imagine running a business where different units have to access data from different software. Sounds like a mess, right? Our Odoo ERP Custom Development services can sort it all by reducing complexities, streamlining tasks, and unifying data.  The end goal is to make information available and accessible to every department of our client’s business on a centralized channel.

Often, businesses come to us with a requirement that they do not need accounting software but want to actively focus on sales management. Such ERP implementation projects are the ones where our custom Odoo development services come to the rescue. You too had been planning to implement an ERP system that focuses on the module of your choice? Get on board with us as we provide Odoo implementation solutions tailor-made to every business’s needs!

Odoo Features

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Odoo ERP Implementation?

Many of our clients using Odoo as their ERP system claim that it is very simple to use and each of its modules runs smoothly. Moreover, when you top off its benefits with our customization services, the modules work exclusively to meet every business’s requirements.

The Odoo implementation team at Xcentric Services customizes modules to carry out every business task seamlessly – as per the client’s workflow patterns. You might be thinking that what if the workflows are increased or altered? Not a problem!

Depending on the work intensity of your business, we will modify the modules as there is always room for advancing and expanding modules. Our team is always on the toes – working on Odoo ERP Custom Development options that work as a base for an ERP system. Thus, assuring our clients of enabling their business with comprehensive ERP features that boost productivity and convert leads into sales. Do you know what this means? Considering that we can feed every innovation into your Odoo ERP system, you will keep on standing out in the competition.

What Can Happen In The Absence Of An Odoo ERP System?

Many businesses never notice that there are chances of human error in work processes in the absence of an ERP system. Moreover, if the task is completed by a human, it takes more time than an ERP doing it automatically. Hence, to reduce human errors, get our Odoo Implementation Services that automate work processes. Thus, leading to fewer errors and a shorter operating time.

Being an Odoo Implementation Partner company in Pakistan, we understand the worth of time and money. Hence, we make sure that our services are cost-effective. Even though the investment might seem high at first, with time, the Odoo ERP system will pay it all back. Most of our clients who got a customized Odoo ERP system implemented claim that it was one of the best decisions they made as it led to effective project management. Hence, do not delay the implementation anymore. Get in touch with us at Xcentric Services to discuss your Odoo ERP customization options!


Many business owners in Pakistan consider their business as just a start-up. For some, their business is small-scale, and they cannot invest big. For the rest, their business is large-scale, but they have already made investments. Hence, all of them look forward to an ERP system that is more budget-friendly.

Considering that our Odoo Implementation Cost is reasonably affordable for businesses in Pakistan, you can enable your business with the power of Odoo. And that too regardless of your business’s size as Odoo is an open-source platform that does not require paying licensing fee. All you need to pay for will be our minimal implementation services. Contact us today at connect@xcentricservices.com to get started with your Odoo implementation process!







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