What Will Our Facebook Marketing Packages Cover In 2022?

kashif ali

  • Mar 24, 2022

Facebook Marketing is the ruling champ of all social media platforms, as the #1 place where friends and family are. More than only being a meet-up place, the social giant has grown into a place where businesses promote themselves by interacting with their potential customers. Given its importance and the need for hiring a Facebook Marketing Company, in this article, we at Xcentric have shared all our Facebook Marketing Packages cover. Give it a read!

4 Things We Look At When Marketing Businesses On Facebook

Whether you are a small business or a BIG corporation, Facebook Marketing is for everyone. It is a space that can help you keep the customers informed, develop brand awareness, and increase reach. However, fair enough, you must be skeptical about investing in Facebook Marketing Services and getting on board with a Facebook Advertising Agency. To end your concerns, here is a detailed insight into all that is included in our Facebook Marketing services:

1. Facebook Business Page

As a free tool for marketing, a business page on Facebook enables a brand to identify itself, not only by listing products or services but also by sharing posts, images, and links. In simpler words, having a customized Facebook page and placing Web Design Facebook Ads gives a better sense of the character and personality of a business.

Facebook business pages are a great place for a brand to show its human side and develop a strong identity. It is a platform where things can be loosened up a bit. This means that when marketing a client on the platform after they have invested in our Facebook Marketing Services Packages, we are never afraid to play around.

Ultimately, being a Facebook Ads Agency, we consider what the target audience of our client wants to see and then share links, images, videos, or anything else that connects with their brand. At this point, Facebook Marketing Packages insights help us find out whatever resonates more with the audience.

Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan

2. Classic Advertisements

With its Ads, the social media platform offers its own advertising capabilities. They appear on the side columns of the application and are referred to as Marketplace Ads commonly. To create them, we dedicate a Facebook Marketing Expert that drafts an Ad with a headline, image, and click-through link to the client’s Facebook page or website.

In our experience being a Messenger Marketing Agency, implementing Ads in the Facebook marketing strategies is a foolproof way to increase website clicks and likes. The advertising features of the social media platforms include:

  • Demographic targeting based on the age, education, interest, and location of Facebook users
  • The ability to set a Facebook Ad budget
  • Testing the Ads in which multiple versions can be run for comparing setup and design
  • Built-in tools for measurement of Ads performance
  • Advertising in particular areas that benefits local businesses

However, because Facebook does not show the information related to the CTRs of Ads, knowing how successful they are is difficult. But, when you invest in our Facebook Marketing Packages, there will be no such worry as we stay within the budget.

While advertising on Facebook for increasing likes is very useful, we do not just stay on this goal. Once a user likes our client’s page by driving on it through the Ads, we increase interactions, form a relationship, and translate it into a conversion. In fact, that is the end goal of our Facebook Promotion Packages.

Facebook Marketing Expert

3. Promoted Facebook Posts

Such posts allow business page owners to get their Facebook posts in front of a certain count of users for increasing their impressions and reach. Often, clients ask us why should they pay Facebook Marketing Prices for getting more views on their posts by followers. If they have liked the page, the posts should be seen by them in the feed, right?

Well, the answer to this question by Facebook Marketing Consultants at Xcentric will be a straight NO as the competition on Facebook is too much to handle. Even though users spend half of their day scrolling through the social media platform, we never take the risk.

If a follower is looking at the news feed on Facebook when you posted something, they might see it. However, there is no guarantee that the newsfeed will not be dumped with more posts within seconds. And that is exactly why we promote the posts already there on the Facebook feed of our clients when providing Facebook Agency Support.

4. Sponsored Stories

Another type of Facebook Marketing Ad that we place is sponsored stories that show user interactions like Facebook likes and even friends of the users. This feature of the platform capitalizes on the concept of word-of-mouth B2C and B2B Marketing On Facebook.

Simply put, when a user comes to know that some of his closest friends like a page, he will also pay attention to it. And, our goal being including sponsored stories in our Facebook Marketing Packages is to get the users to take action just like their friends.

Facebook Business Page

While the actions that a friend performs of liking a page or availing an offer show up in the feed of other users automatically, they are often overlooked. Hence, to get our clients the right positioning on the feed, we leverage Sponsored Stories – a type of Facebook PPC Marketing. They do not only apply to the offers or likes only but also increase the CTRs of Facebook Marketing Packages.

Got no time to handle Facebook Marketing on your own, and are ready to invest in Facebook Advertising Packages? Speak to a strategist at Xcentric to choose the right package. Call 0300-800-2094 or drop a query at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY. 

One thing that every business owner needs to keep in mind is that being the perfect fit for the target audience on Facebook is important. However, marketing and B2C or B2B Advertising On Facebook is complex. There are so many Facebook Marketing Agencies out there that claim to help do it successfully.

Experience level, knowledge of Ads, audience niches, and budget management according to Facebook Marketing Prices is a must if you want to nail Facebook marketing and advertising. Do not have it? No worries, embrace the fact that handling everything on your own is not possible, and hire Xcentric as your Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan. We are Facebook Marketing Partners offering Facebook Marketing Pricing Packages for businesses of every size and industry. There are Facebook Ad Management Packages for everyone – even for you. To get started with marketing and invest in Facebook Marketing Packages reach out to us at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY.







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