Are Our Instagram Marketing Services Worth It? Here’s Why They Are!

Ali Kazmi

  • Nov 18, 2020

Instagram has grown into a digital giant and is now a key component of every business’s Digital Marketing strategy. Another fact that makes it this big of an influence is – It is powered by one of the biggest companies in the world. Yes, we’re talking about Facebook. However, we still come across businesses that ask – What is so great about Best Instagram Marketing Service? And sadly, some of them think that getting Instagram Marketing Services is a waste of time and money. Our team at Xcentric Services believes that it’s the opposite.

Throughout the years, we’ve helped countless businesses in generating millions of dollars in sales by leveraging on our Instagram Marketing Service Pakistan. Other than sales, we’ve also set up Instagram Ad campaigns that drove in millions of more fans.

We might’ve had you wondering what Instagram Ads are, right? Or you are already familiar with everything about Instagram Marketing but need a kickstart? Xcentric Services is here to help. Let’s get into the details of how our Instagram-centric services are the best fit for your digital marketing strategy.

Why Our Instagram Marketing Services Are Important?

We are known as one of the Best Instagram Marketing Service providers in Lahore. Our services are considered important in town because of many reasons. Even though the reasons might differ depending on business goals, the following remain constant;

Reason #1 – Instagram Gets Loads Of Attention

According to our analysis, an internet user spends 60 minutes every day on Instagram, on average. Do you know what this means? Every brand has a possible opportunity to interact with their target audience every day. The more you interact, the more your customer base grows.

Reason #2 – Instagram Targeting Options

You must’ve read the term “Reach Your Target Audience” millions of times in our blogs. For us, it starts by identifying the specifics of our client’s target audience. Using Instagram Ads, we specify your target audience’s location, demographics, interests, and more. In some cases, we also target people who’ve purchased from you or others like you before. See how many options we have to target the audience?

Reason #3 – The Results

We’ve had our play on both – placing Instagram Ads and writing blogs. And without any doubt, we can claim that Instagram won. Ads placed left a more long-lasting impression on the minds of the audience. Hence, for most of our clients, we focus more on Instagram Marketing, as compared to other marketing techniques. 

Instagram marketing services in Pakistan

Reason #4 – Growth Of Instagram

Over the past few years, Instagram has experienced a huge amount of growth in its user base. This meant that we, as an agency, will be able to help our clients reach even more people. Specifically more when Gen Z-ers and Millennials join Instagram, we’ll better your reach.

Instagram Marketing – The Best Practices We Follow

You’ve read through every reason why our Instagram Marketing Services are important and want to know what makes them THE BEST? Well, that’s the real fun stuff. Let’s talk about it!

· Clear Objectives

Even though it may seem like it, but Instagram Marketing isn’t simple. Even though it gives the power to reach more people, you need to decide a few important things. For instance, deciding what action do you want the audience to take when they see you. The biggest mistake we see businesses making is expecting that people will figure out everything on their own.

Being an agency, our focus remains on going in one direction. Hence, we look for clear objectives. This means analyzing what our client needs the most. To simplify, let’s have a look at it with an example;

You are a business with less traffic and customers. If you would hire us as your Instagram Marketing Agency, we’ll likely focus on generating you more brand awareness. Or let’s say, you already have decent traffic, we’ll likely focus on nurturing more leads for you.  And if you have tons of leads, our team might focus on boosting your online conversion rates.

· Value Providing Instagram Ads

Our Instagram Marketing Services are sort of incomplete without Ads because they provide value to our client’s audience. However, placing an Ad isn’t an easy play. Many agencies make the mistake of selling the products and services to anyone and everyone through Ads.

Even though we agree, TV commercials do the same thing, there’s a right time for doing so when it comes to Digital Marketing. Hence, we make sure that the Instagram Ads we place don’t cut the marketing potential in half. The goal of Ads we place is to get your target audience to know you and offering them value. It can be in the shape of a discount, a free consultation, or an online webinar. Whatever our clients choose to offer!

 instagram adds

Thinking About 2021 And Beyond

In addition to following the above best practices, we also think about where the social giant – Instagram, is headed in 2021 and beyond. One of the newest features of Instagram that caught our eye is Instagram Reels. It lets users create videos by choosing the music of their choice as background vocals. By launching this feature, Instagram made clear that video content is the way to the future.

Hence, we believe that Instagram Reels will be a powerful part of an Instagram Marketing strategy in the year to come and beyond. And since its launch, we’ve started leveraging on it to help our clients gain more visibility. All it takes is Xcentric’s creative minds, and voila – You won’t be left behind in trends EVER!


Covered above are the best practices we follow to provide our clients with the Top Instagram Marketing Services. And now that you too know everything about it, you might be convinced to set up an Instagram Marketing campaign. But, is the thought of all the hassle you’ll be going through holding you back? Don’t worry, Xcentric Services can help you kick off campaigns on Instagram. Whenever you are ready, drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com. Our social media managers will handle the rest!







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