Order Confirmation Emails – How to Build on Your Customer’s Leap of Faith?

Ali Kazmi

  • Aug 03, 2020


Before hitting the CHECKOUT button, buyers drive through a long journey in your conversion funnel. They’ve considered the risks and perks and then decided on trusting what your Dynamics E-Commerce website promises to deliver. Precisely, it is YOU who gave them the confidence to take that leap – with Email Marketing Pakistan focused on sending Order Confirmation Emails.

Now, it is you who needs to assure the buyers that they made a safe decision by placing an order with you. Even though you have accomplished your conversion goal, your customer, aka the buyer, is expecting assurance of whether you will be delivering what they ordered or not. And this assurance is what savvy E-Commerce-ers call an ORDER CONFIRMATION EMAILS. 

Technically, an order confirmation email is a buyer’s safety net for online shopping; considering that it informs them of their order is capable handled in your hands. Equally important, this is also an opportunity for you to start nurturing customer relationships that last beyond business transactions.

What is an Order Confirmation Email?

Once a customer hits the Checkout button and locks a transaction with an E-Commerce store, the retailer sends an Order Confirmation Emails. Contrary to promotional emails that target grouped audiences, this email is sent directly to the customer in response to the action they have taken on your website.

While you possibly have a page on your website that verifies successful order placement, an email confirmation is an interactive way to follow up that is expected by most buyers. The email confirms essential information, such as the name of the buyer, the item purchased, and how much it cost. Moreover, these emails also confirm or remind a reservation, appointment, subscription, or some other kind of service that the business agrees to provide.

Practically, an order confirmation email indicates that an online shopping transaction was successful. But that is not the only reason behind sending one. It satisfies YOUR psychological needs too, considering that your customer leaped faith and made a purchase, while you promised to deliver it. Hence, the conclusion is – Consumers risk money when placing an order while shopping online because they are not even sure if the product will reach their doorstep, especially first-time customers.

The solution? Cast your safety nets. In simpler words, send your customers an order confirmation emails that assures them that the order they placed is in-process, and tap into this opportunity to improve the customer experience.

Why does an Order Confirmation Email matter?

Being a Digital Marketing Agency, we can imagine how your inbox must be overflowing with newsletters, promotional emails, and other targeted emails of Social Media Marketing in Pakistan campaigns. But unfortunately, they are deleted within seconds without being read. 


However, that’s not how it works for order confirmation emails because they are an essential part of online shopping, for both; Businesses and Buyers. Considering that these are the emails the customer awaits to receive after placing an order online, this also helps a brand increase brand loyalty; coupled with a boost in conversions. Still not convinced of sending-in order confirmation emails to your customers? Let’s go through some benefits it has in stores for you that outperform the typical Email Marketing Lahore campaigns that target bulks. 

  • Provides Assurance to Customers

Before we dig into how order confirmation emails benefit, let’s be straight – Not everyone who visits your Microsoft Dynamics E-Commerce website becomes your CUSTOMER. Hence, you need to focus more on the ones who drove through your website and hit the Checkout button.

Isn’t it better than regretting not converting EVERY visitor into a customer? It surely is the best bet because these customers need to know that your business is legitimate. And you are not one of those frauds selling scams.

Psychologically, the trust factor remains, even after the customer has completed the checkout process. Hence, assure your customers with an order confirmation emails, and hit the opportunity of building a brand reputation.

  • Excites Customers of their Purchase

Imagine the anxiety that kicks in when you place an order online, even for the hundredth time. That’s what every customer goes through. And you can only ease it with order confirmation emails that help them focus and review the finer details of their order; all while exciting them more about their order.

However, to draft a precise order confirmation emails that cover everything about their order and to lay a necessary ground for further engagements, you need to follow some best practices covered in this article.

  • Cultivates a Long-term Relationship

Your website visitor placed an order? Congratulations, you enticed them through the sales funnel. The next step – Leverage this to your advantage; considering that attracting new customers demands five times more dollars than retaining the ones you have already driven through the sales funnel.

Hence, to make sure that you deliver the current customers an exceptional experience, acknowledge them at every step of the purchase with order confirmation emails. Moreover, ask them to connect with you on other Digital Media Marketing platforms in your email because that paves the way to long-term relationships.

Order Confirmation Emails

Order Confirmation Email – What to include in it?

Customers look for essential details in an order confirmation to review their purchase and assure everything is accurate before it ships. Technically, covering precise information also reduces calls to customer support.

Moreover, to compliment your brand, and to make sure that the information is visible with a quick skim, focus on Customization and Personalization. And for that, here’s what every email should include;

  • Order Number

Imagine a customer contacting you through the 1-8000 helpline, an email, or a customer service representative; to ask you about their order status. How would you locate it? An ID, aka a reference number, is essential when it comes to online shopping. So when you send an order confirmation emails, make sure that you’ve included this number. Preferably, at the head.

  • Contact Details – Customer

Mention the name of the purchaser and the billing address provided to authorize the credit card.

  • Shipping Address

Confirm the shipping information, even if it is the same as the billing address, and the phone number, if necessary. Some customers request shipment to a different location. So in this case, provide them an opportunity to double-check the details, to ensure delivery at the exact address.

  • Order Summary

List the products that are ordered. Include the name of the products, SKUs, quantity, color, size, unit price, and order tracking link. Some brands also attach images of the products ordered, which is a great way to confirm an order confirmation emails, visually.

  • Cost Breakdown

Customers are very savvy when it comes to paying for a product they just bought. Even if it is about a dollar only. Hence, being a business, you need to make sure that they understand WHAT you are charging and WHY. Including the cost of the product, taxes, the shipping fee, and discount amounts.

  • Payment Method

Mention the mode of payment to clear the customer about where the charges are applied and the accumulated amount.

  • Shipping Method and Delivery Time

The more information a customer holds on about shipping, the more confident they will be in our brand. Hence, being a Digital Marketing Company, we’d suggest, confirming to them which carrier will deliver their order, the method of shipping – overnight, expedited, or standard, and the estimated delivery time. And for this, automate your workflows with Magento E-Commerce Development, coupled with Magento SMS Integration, which also confirms the customer of their order through an SMS. 

  • Contact Details – Business

Even if you’ve smartly covered every step of the online shopping process, there still can be some events that might require the customer to contact you. Hence, to secure your customer, and avoid frustrating them, provide your contact details. Here’s a snapshot of a perfectly covered email;

Order Confirmation Emails

Best Practices of Sending-in Order Confirmation Emails

Once you recognize the accurate information to include in the email, there are some best practices that you need to follow; to present and send the order confirmation emails.

  • The post-purchase to-do; Sending a quick-response Email

Customers are very excited right after they place an order. And that is where a brand gets an opportunity to engage them. Hence, send in a quick-response order confirmation email post-purchase to build your credibility.

  • Stay on Track – Coordinate with your Branding

Even though you can send a functional email and get done with the job, being a Web Design Company, we suggest, creating an emailing layout that is eye-catchy and interactive. However, with that, be sure that it complements your branding, color palette, and brand voice, all while being visually attractive. Considerably, hand over this task of designing the email layout to the hands of your Digital Marketing in Pakistan team because they can coordinate it the best with the rest of the branding.

  • Eye-catchy and Engaging Subject Line

Focusing on the fact that this much-anticipated confirmation email is valuable to the customer; use a clear, concise, and engaging subject line that they can locate in their cluttered inbox. And for that, classics like – Order Confirmation emails, We’ve Received Your Order, and Thanks for Your Order work well. However, if you want to add a personalized touch to it, along with some enthusiasm, this subject line might help; We can’t wait to get started on your order!

Order Confirmation Emails

  • Build Brand Loyalty

The reason behind sending an order confirmation emails is to provide essential details about the transaction. However, being a business, you can also use it as an opportunity to build brand loyalty. And for that, you can suggest additional products the customer might be interested in, offer a discount on their next purchase, invite them to connect with you on Facebook Marketing Pakistan and Instagram Marketing or ask them to subscribe to your Newsletter. However, be sure that it shouldn’t be the primary CTA and only takes up a smart part of the email.

  • Ensure Mobile-friendly Order Confirmation

We are living in a mobile-driven era, where people shop with a swipe and click on their smartphones. So whether they are standing in a queue at a grocery store, or waiting for their cup of cappuccino, they won’t stop placing orders. However, this increases your responsibility for providing them with an exceptional experience.

Around 70% of buyers also check their order confirmation emails while they are on the go. Hence, the emails you send them should have visuals as sharp as the ones they would see on a desktop. All in all, you need to be sure that your email renders well, is mobile-friendly, and doesn’t frustrate the customer.

Order Confirmation Emails


E-Commerce Website Development, coupled with well-crafted Order Confirmation Emails that assure your customers of successful order placement, is precisely the foundation of your business to grow beyond transactions. You opted for Magento E-Commerce Development Services and worked hard to build trust and entice the customers, but they are still not hitting the Checkout button? There are reputable Email Marketing Companies out there who can help you out, and Xcentric Services is one of them. Get in touch with us and let us help you grow with our Email Marketing Services that future-proof your brand. 







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