This season to optimize your online shopping campaign

Mahum Khalid

  • Mar 20, 2020

With the sales chaos always being around the corner, and the shoppers eyeing trendy fashions throughout the year, it’s now time to start optimizing your online shopping campaign followed after E-Commerce Website Development in Pakistan. Year over year, Google has seen a tremendous increase in Online Shoppers, hinting that more than 50% of them are researching products online rather than visiting physical retail stores. Perhaps, featuring it as a trend among Millenials and Gen Z – the holiday season bargain hunters. 

The holiday season, aka the Sales Season, is a treat for everyone. Hence, optimizing your campaign is worth the effort. So let’s gain the most out of the online shopping retail traffic for your bottom line, and make the buying process easier for your consumer with these tweaks of optimization. Follow up, because now we’re talking optimization!

Set a Roadmap to Increase Efficiency

Determining what you being an online shopping retailer are focused on achieving is essential. Hence, step forward towards optimizing your online shopping campaigns by identifying whether you’re directing them towards driving sales for a newly launched product or focusing on previously high-returning products.

Is your online selling campaign aiming at driving sales towards a new launch? Develop a high bidding strategy aligned with this goal because this way, the Product Listed Ads for these products will get maximum visibility.

Contrarily, if you’re focusing on growing your ROAS, consider adjusting your bids on a product level. The reason? They’ll be aligned to different profit margins, following this optimization strategy. However, if you still notice an increase in the competition during excessive sales seasons, adjust your bids accordingly. Rest assured, a maximized efficiency will be visible.

Audit your Feed Structure – Is it sound?

Before you set your steps towards aiming for a strategy this season, optimize them by analyzing which of your products and product categories performed the best online shopping last year. Later on, create dedicated campaigns for them.

However, the opportunity this analyzing process brings is – Audit your Feed’s structure and your inventory. Here’s what you can follow up after a complete audit;

  • Mark the most important SKUs as high-priority
  • Exclude product groups that didn’t perform well in the last campaign
  • Fix the previous product issues to improve customer service
  • Direct a Catch-All campaign online shopping for products that aren’t a part of any other
  • Regularly assess your Scheduled Ads; You never know when trends flip around!

And finally, for some potential help in optimization, review the opportunities tab in Google Merchant Center; They’ll help you prioritize the right aspects of a strategy.

Online Shopping

Brand everything Nice and check them Twice – The Remarketing Lists

What’s better than getting a step removed from your shopping process? Sounds practical!

Technically speaking, about 50% of 2020’s savvy consumers start researching the products they need months before the actual promotional period starts. Want to know how to take over them and be smarter? Target them right when they start researching.

Further, when they’re visiting your website to actually purchase, re-market the product which they’ve been viewing before. This way, there’s a positive chance of you generating more sales and leads, as the consumers re-discover the products they were interested in.

In one of our previous articles, we talked about how you can create a custom audience. Consider using this functionality to target those who purchased from you last year, because they might be looking to make a repeat purchase this year. Keeping a check over your previous year’s insights and then planning to brand your online retail store this year is one smart move, if and only if you keep checking on them twice, all while considering that your customers get whatever they need in a much more efficient way.

Aligned Feed and Online Promotions – Sales Driven!

Displaying and promotion of Product Listing Ads (PLAs) have altogether changed the game of online shopping. The consumers of today have the perk of being able to compare the products and their prices online. So while businesses are benefiting from placing Product Ads, they need to be careful with the information they’re featuring.

For instance, an online shopping retailing website states that it offers free product deliveries on every purchase. However, an Ad of the same retail store states – Free Product Delivery with a minimum purchase of $40. Though this works in favor of the brand, the consumers consider this tactic a fraud.

So the optimization tweak here is to align your website feed and your online shopping promotions. However, being a brand, you still need to focus on the fact that Free Delivery is one deciding factor that drives sales. Hence, offer what gets you leads and drives your sales, all while being sure that your consumers aren’t frustrated with clashing information over your website and running campaigns. Being a Web Development Services Provider in Pakistan, here’s an example of an E-Commerce website we built for our client, based on Magento, offering free product delivery and some other perks to consumers.

Online Shopping

Be Friends with Mobile Shoppers

With continuous evolutions around the world, this world has evolved into a mobile-friendly arena. And surprisingly, or maybe, unfortunately, a day doesn’t pass without us being stuck to our phone screens, scrolling for hours.

Keeping in view the above fact, Google has stated that around 70% of the consumers purchase through their mobile, thus, increasing the mobile-shopping traffic. So think no more and make the smart move; Identify the path through which most of your consumers visit your website and make sure that there aren’t any discrepancies based on people visiting from different types of screens.

Mobile shoppers are the Future of Online Retail, so test if your website’s pages are mobile-friendly, and if there are any issues, get the landing pages mobile-optimized from developers.

Does EVERYONE know your Brand?     

Savvy shoppers start planning for their purchases in advance. So if you’re here to stay in the game of online shopping retail, optimize your campaigns in such a way that everyone knows your brand’s name, even before your promotions and strategies come into action.

Maximize the potential of your revenues by setting aside a budget for placing ads before your promotional period starts, to be sure that the consumers know your name and search for you. So whether it’s Christmas, Cyber Monday, or Black Friday coming up, if the consumers recognize these days saying it’s that time of the year/month when YOU offer great deals, congratulations, EVERYONE knows your brand now – Mission Online Shopping Campaign Optimization Successful!

Plus, here’s an example of how Google classifies the products brands offer, in front of the audience who aren’t clear about what they want.

Online Shopping

HINT: Isn’t this your chance to exhibit your brand’s products, all under one roof?


Optimizing campaigns for an E-Commerce website can be an overwhelming task for some, but there’s no harm in getting some help from professionals. Consider Xcentric Services as your help; We provide Magento E-Commerce Development Services in Pakistan, along with Search Engine Optimization Services in Pakistan. Hence, we understand what it takes to aim for a successful online shopping campaign optimization.







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