Online Marketing Analytics for E-Commerce Sales with Magento BI

Ali Kazmi

  • May 07, 2020

Marketing professionals have a hard time estimating their return on investment for Social Media Marketing services in Pakistan and Advertising. In this tech-driven world, the tactics of enticing customers through Digital Marketing Services in Pakistan and how they respond to them continue evolving swiftly.

The savvy marketers are curious to know the ROI on the expense, time, and forces they are spending on online marketing. Not just that but they also want to understand the touch-points and various aspects that are influencing their customer to make the purchase. However, these understandings and measures will only help if they are data-driven.

To carry out a data-driven analysis of online marketing analysis, marketers have to administer massive data sets from various sections and setups. Manually examining raw data, composing sense out of it, and later presenting it in a structure that might support decision making is a challenging task.

How Magento BI can help track Online Marketing Analytics for E-Commerce Sales?

Magento BI transforms online marketing data into content that supports driving your businesses Magento E-Commerce Development Services in Pakistan to brand-new heights. It apprehends the raw data and modifies it into dynamic E-Commerce dashboards that ease the process of establishing your business strength.

It is a resort for data consolidated from several Digital Marketing Services in Chicago campaigns collected on a particular platform and can be interpreted efficiently in several modes of visualizations and tools for better comprehension. In this article, being Magento Solution Partners in Pakistan, we’ve covered some significant functions of Magento BI that help businesses in tracking Online Marketing Analytics.

360° Customer-Centric Views

Customer-centric businesses are forever desiring to understand what their audience is up to. Customer analytics supports them while studying customer behavior, which in return aids them in making a vital business decision by market segmentation and analytical analysis.

Magento BI helps businesses in collecting their customer data, such as; Customer Lifetime Value, Retention Rate, likes, selections, and their favorites. And perhaps, because DATA is the new oil running business, there can’t be anything better than having your data structured and represented into information.

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The Decision Making Power

The gain or loss of every business is reliant on its management’s decision making power. And every business’s decision making for planning, focusing, and managing functions is directly related to the goals that it has to achieve in a provided time and budget.

Magento BI is a seamlessly appropriate analytics tool that can boost a business’s power making data-driven decisions. And these game-changing marketing decisions include;

  • Should you invest in a new Social Media Marketing Services in Chicago campaign?
  • Is your decided target market the right one?
  • Are you launching a new product at the right time?
  • Does the location you’re targeting require the type of marketing you’ve picked?

Making all such decisions and several more like these can be a daunting task. But with Magento BI, these tasks become stress-free and doubt-free for your management teams.

Advanced Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Around 90% of shoppers are likely to buy from brands who recognize them and provide them relevant product recommendations. And perhaps, we’re living in a tech-driven era where the Millenials and Gen Z are always looking for personalized experiences. That’s the only way you can engage them with your brand and generate sales.

However, this bit of the Digital Marketing world can be a BIG mess if you don’t have customer data available. And thus, more than half of your efforts and time go in the drain. While you sort out the masses of customer information in one place.

With the power of the majestic – Magento BI, all your additional tweaks and efforts are paid off; There’s a track of all your data across every channel and arrangement. Moreover, it also illustrates a data-driven view, which technically is the key element of Online Marketing.

Real-Time Audience Engagement

Today, real-time customer engagement is an essential part of every business. However, the reality is, only customer engagement isn’t sufficient to survive in the E-Commerce arena. Because there’s a constant need to interact with customers at a sky-rocketing speed. Yes, that’s what the tech-driven world of today demands.

Magento BI supports foreseeing customer behaviors, engagements, and anticipations. However, the requirement here is to recognize the need of your customers. And then contacting them with contextually important messages.

In this situation, Magento BI plays a significant role in utilizing customer data which is stored and organized in a way that helps in building strong customer relationships. Moreover, its data-driven nature also supports in reacting to every customer’s immediate intentions rather than just predicting them.

Data-Driven Visual Results

If you’ve spent your efforts and money on Digital Marketing, we’re certain that you must’ve collected data also. However, being a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan, we want you to know that trying to achieve something out of those numbers and aspects is just a meaningless and time-consuming task. So stop right here if you’ve been practicing this and switch to Magento BI.

Magento BI illustrates its data-driven results visually through graphs, dashboards or Infographics. And additionally with filters such as area-specific and timeline, etc. The most significant advantage of data visualization in Magento BI is that it augments decision making. Thus, accelerating your decision making efforts to help you promptly identify;

  • Areas that require Consideration or Development
  • Categorize factors that affect Customer Behavior
  • Product Placements
  • Forecast transactions and turnover volumes

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Even though there are several other benefits too other than the ones mentioned in this article, the only key to success is picking the right analytics tool for your E-Commerce Store. Rest assured, if you’ve chosen the right one, your Digital Marketing efforts will surely pay off.Looking for a solution provider? Get in touch with our Analytics and Magento BI experts Xcentric Services. We’re a Web Design and Development Company in Chicago having years of successful experience in providing E-Commerce Development Services in Chicago.







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