How We Make Ads Work Being A Facebook Marketing Company?

Ali Kazmi

  • Aug 26, 2020

Are you planning on tapping into the world of Facebook Marketing but have no idea of how to begin in the first place? Well, what if we tell you that we as a Facebook Marketing Company have got your back with this article right here? Sounds like a knight in shining armor. 

We assume that you are ready to up the game of your efforts by B2B and B2B Advertising on Facebook. And you need not worry if you do not have relevant experience. Explore this guide which explains every teeny tiny detail of advertising on the platform and how it can get you conversions, as well as acts as a definitive guide to launching a Facebook PPC Marketing campaign that boosts conversions.

Why Does Facebook Advertising Work?

Facebook’s huge 1.35 billion average active users daily make it the modern world’s most popular social media platform. Its huge following is a core of audience actions that make it a platform with a higher ROI, according to Facebook Marketing Consultants

Facebook marketing company also provides feature-rich opportunities to businesses that invest in Facebook Marketing Services to boost traffic and sales. According to a study of the effectiveness of marketing for websites, Facebook wins over the competition as a source of social traffic with the highest conversion rates. 

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Advertising – A Guide to Getting Started

So, considering that now you are aware of B2C and B2B Marketing On Facebook and its unrivaled potential, you are all set to join the bandwagon. Though before you invest in Facebook Marketing Packages, let’s go through some pre-requisites;

Step 1: Selecting a Facebook Advertising Tool

Technically, there are only two platforms that help run Facebook Advertising campaigns; Ads Manager and Power Editor. Facebook marketing company itself and countless other guides also mention both tools as good to use. in fact, being a Facebook Marketing Company, we use these tools to promote our clients on the platform. 

Recently, both these tools underwent a merge into one – Ads Manager, which makes Facebook Advertising more manageable for businesses. Plus, for every Facebook Marketing Expert using Ads Manager, there is good news. The tool opens ways to explore new features on Facebook marketing company that keep on adding whenever something new trends.

Step 2: Understanding the Ad Structure 

Before you begin with placing Web Design Facebook Ads, knowing and familiarising yourself with how the campaigns are structured, is essential to ease you through the process. When you are aware of the campaign structure, you gain an insight into how your Ad will run over the face of the internet. Here’s the structure of Facebook Advertising;

To visually lead you through the process, we’ve attached a screenshot of the Ads Manager interface;

Step 3: Setting Up a Facebook Ad Campaign

Assuming that you have already set up your business page on Facebook marketing company, head straight to the Ads Manager, and create a Facebook Ad. Though not to forget, this step is fundamental to every campaign. It defines what you aim to achieve by creating an account. Technically, at this step, you will deal with setting up your campaign and account.

First, choose your campaign objective out of three goals; business awareness, consideration, and conversions. Next, set up your Ads account and make sure that you select the right currency along with the time zone because they play an essential role when it comes to reporting and billing. 

Step 4: Deciding the Target Audience with Ad Set

As the initial requirement of an Ad set, you need to identify the type of people you want to see your Ad. Plus, once again, even though the audience on Facebook is huge, you cannot place your Ad in front of every other person. Yes, that is what we have learned through years of being a Facebook Ads Agency

For each campaign objective, the target audience is specific, which means that it is dependent on your advertising goal. Hence, the more specific the target audience, the more effective campaign. Plus, the Ads Manager enables you to craft a target audience based on; customized audience, detailed targeting, and connections targeting.

The last thing you need to focus on is deciding if you have enough audience for your campaign or not, even though there is no set limit for the number of people per Ad. It is up to you if you want a broad audience or specific. However, as a Facebook Marketing Company, we suggest the latter. 

How To place Facebook Ads that Convert?

After choosing the right-fitting audience for targeting your Facebook Advertising campaign, it is now time to define the placements, budget, and campaign schedule. Follow these steps we’ve covered, and you are all set to get a higher ROI out of Facebook Marketing Prices

Step 1: Placement, Budgeting, and Scheduling

Placement is all about placing your Ad in front of the right people in the right place. Mostly, it is advised to place Facebook Ads across the apps and services which belong to the Facebook family. Currently, here are the following placements that support the objectives of Facebook Ad Management Packages

Moreover, Facebook marketing company enables you to choose from two placement options; Manual and Automatic. While the automatic placement cost effectively locates the relevant target audience, for the savvier audience, Facebook marketing company enables controlling the device type on which you want to display your Ad under the manual placing options. 

Lastly, at this step, you need to set up a budget, either monthly, daily, or lifetime. And for this, as a Facebook Advertising Agency, we suggest playing your hands on the lowest budget. This way, you will get more time to analyze how well things work for you and to what extent.

Step 2: Composing the Ad

Now that you have set up your account, it is now time to get creative and compose your Ads. Though before that, include an Ad Name; it helps in identifying reports, insights, and notifications. Plus, represent the Ad by choosing your Instagram profile or Facebook page. 

Next, decide on a format for your Ad, imagine how you want it to look visually, and then align it with the objective of your Facebook Marketing Services Packages. Some of the formats that Facebook Ads have in stores are single image ads, video ads, slideshow, carousels, and collection Ads.

Along with focusing on everything above, make sure that your Ad and the text go hand in hand; just like a newly married couple. Rest assured, if everything couples well, your audience will be compelled to take meaningful actions that will boost conversion rates. Though at any point, if you need help, get on board with a Messenger Marketing Agency.

Step 3: Payment for Advertising

Is this your first time placing a Facebook Ad? Well, then you will have to add a payment method that will be attached to your Facebook marketing company account. So whatever option suits you, select it; credit card, debit card, or Pay Pal. We suggest selecting the option that you are already using for processing transactions and operating your website. 

Step 4: Optimize the Ads

Facebook marketing company enables displaying different Ads for a specific audience, which means that if you want to target two different audiences, you can place distinct Ads catering to both of them. This way, your targeting gets better and smarter – optimizing summed up. 

Moreover, to optimize your Ads, link landing pages to your Facebook Ads because they help reach a wider audience. This way, you make the most out of the audience on Facebook and drive them towards actions. 

Lastly, establish a bidding strategy that represents what you are willing to spend on optimizing your Ad’s delivery. Bidding strategies help the same way budget caps help with Ad sets. So if you decide to bid manually, we suggest bidding at the maximum amount that you can pay. Though if you are done with playing around with bidding strategies and the results are still not satisfactory, you might need some help from Facebook Marketing Partners that offer Facebook Marketing Pricing Packages, which cover advertising end-to-end.

Inspiration Ahead – Look how creatively Hawkers Co. designed a carousel ad. Facebook Marketing Agencies are following this trend these days quite a lot, as it is engaging. 


Honestly, by the end of 2022, Facebook marketing company won’t be just a social networking platform. It has grown and will keep on evolving into an influential and versatile channel that helps reach out to a wider audience. Hence, with so much to gain, businesses need to focus on advertising on Facebook as soon as possible and invest in Facebook Advertising Packages

So, are you all set to stay relevant to your target audience and win over the competition but need Facebook Agency Support? Get in touch with us at Xcentric TODAY because we’ve got you covered with our Facebook Promotion Packages being a Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan







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