Odoo Inventory & Supply Chain management: How to improve Profitability and Reliability?

Ali Kazmi

  • Apr 20, 2020

Inventory Management is a complicated task that requires much of your efforts and probably dollars invested in Odoo ERP Development Services. Though this may sound like an easy-peasy job. Let us tell you that it is much more than just coordinating with the delivery schedules, optimizing the current inventory. And keeping an eye on the inventory specifications.

So now you know, there’s an overwhelming amount of things you need to manage while you’re on this job. Because it is famous for being one of those complex ones. But what if we tell you there’s a solution that will let you take the back seat? Fortunately, we’re now experiencing a tech-driven arena, and there are tons of Inventory Management Softwares out there.

 However, in this article, we have Odoo Inventory and Supply Chain Management as our show-stopper. Hence, let’s delve deeper and discern how Odoo – A one-stop-solution, can help you get through this complex task.

1. Practical and Seamless Stock Management

Increasing revenues and simplifying workflows is an apparent goal of every business. And arming this goal with the power of an inventory management software is a safe play.

Yet, to make this work, businesses need to be sure that their data is centralized. But here’s the goods news – Odoo being a one-stop-solution can manage all your workflows and inventories from different warehouses. And customers in one single tool.

So if you’re looking for ways to cut down on time each task takes, and ensure data reliability, get your hands on Odoo’s Double-Entry Inventory System. Rest assured, you won’t need to hassle entering data manually. All thanks to Odoo’s tracking system that tracks availability across store locations.

Odoo Inventory & Supply Chain management

2. Enhanced Anticipation and Automation Features

Before we talk about how Odoo helps business, let’s imagine a life that doesn’t have any unexpected events knocking at your door. Sounds unrealistic, right?

The same theory works for inventory management – A long term game.   Even though this process is a well-oiled machine, there’s still a probability of your transport going on a strike. The weather not sympathizing on you, or your inventory getting damaged. We assume you might be hating us for showing you the darker side. But now you know that there’s any block that can fall apart, disrupt the workflows, and break your game, which you’ve been trying hard to win.

There’s one thing everyone reading this article will agree on – Nature is uncontrollable. Hence, the only safe step we can take is anticipating disruptions before time and preparing for the worst by having backup plans.

However, to anticipate what’s coming forth on your way and to find a way to manage it, you need to have a system. And that’s where Odoo’s Customization and Automation Features come to the rescue. With its many practical features, Odoo enables you to send in automated quote negotiations to your suppliers. And replenishes your inventory by sending purchase orders when its count is below the minimum.

Odoo's Customization and Automation Features

3. Robust Routing Functionalities

Being equipped with advanced warehouse management functionalities is essential for every business of this tech era. And you won’t mind having a system that also manages your routing functions. Hence, for that reason, the masterminds who’ve formulated Odoo ERP Solutions in Pakistan also incorporated advanced features like drop-shipping, cross-docking, and multi-warehouse management.

Moreover, it also allows a business to personalize their storage and pick-up strategy, along with the ordering process. The cherry on top is the fact that you’ll also be enabled with automation features that will transfer your orders between warehouses and locations, whenever needed.

Odoo's Customization and Automation Features


Summing up this article and being Odoo Partners in Pakistan, we’ve noted that Odoo’s most noticeable benefit is that it interconnects everything seamlessly. And not only within the inventory but also with the carriers like DHL and FedEx. So if you’re planning on Odoo ERP Implementation and Customization Services to boost your business’s profitability and reliability, you’ve made a safe decision. Plus, if you need some additional help from Odoo Specialists in Pakistan, get in touch with us at Xcentric Services today!







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