What Are The Benefits Of Odoo Implementation Services In Pakistan?

kashif ali

  • Apr 15, 2021

Odoo is an ERP solution bundled with countless modules that automate business processes, including CRM, E-Commerce, inventory management, HRM, accounting, and more. In the ERP software market, Odoo is growing as a leader as it is consistently upgrading according to changing business needs. Being a tech agency, we usually come across businesses using several systems for automating their work processes, such as SalesForce and QuickBooks. Often, these solutions do not integrate well with each other, leaving room for error in data. Quite the opposite, Odoo Implementation Services in Pakistan we provide at Xcentric Services integrate all these functions on one single dashboard.

Odoo ERP Solutions in Pakistan


Odoo ERP Implementation Services In Pakistan – Why Are They The BEST For Your Business?

For most, their business is just a startup on a small scale, and hence, they cannot invest hugely in different software. For others, their business is on a high scale but they have already invested a lot, and are finding software that provides them benefits on a minimal investment. Odoo is exactly that kind of an ERP solution providing businesses every functionality on a budget. However, before you invest in Odoo Implementation Services, let us highlight for you all the reasons why Odoo is the BEST for your business.

1.  Open Source

In comparison with other ERP solutions, Odoo is an open-source solution that does not require businesses to get a license for implementation. However, businesses can buy customizations and integrations, which are low-priced as compared to prices quoted by other ERPs. On top of it all, when you hire us to provide you Odoo Implementation Services in Pakistan, we ensure a budget-friendly implementation.

2.  Web-Based Solution

One of the major benefits of implementing Odoo is that it is a web-based application. This means that the users of the solution can access it via web browsers and get multi-user management support 24/7 without any disturbance.

3.   Module Structure

As we have mentioned before, Odoo offers different modules for managing businesses effectively. Hence, when a business gets Odoo Implementation Services in Pakistan from us at Xcentric Services, we integrate and customize different modules with workflows according to the business requirements. Throughout the implementation, our team ensures that every module structure is integrated seamlessly with workflows and the customizations meet client requirements. Thus, ensuring more streamlined data sharing between departments, reduced errors, and lesser time to accomplish work tasks.

4.   Cost-Effectiveness

No licensing fee is charged for using Odoo, which makes it cost-effective as compared to any other ERP software. Businesses can use the community version of the ERP solution which is free of cost. And then, there is the Enterprise version that comes with customized modules and advanced features. All in all, the cost of implementing Odoo as your ERP solution is very low as compared to other ERPs available out there in the market.

5.    All-In-One Business Management

The term all-in-one means that Odoo is a business management software that covers all major modules – from CRM to HR, inventory management, purchase management, and more. Every module available in this ERP solution is essential for managing a business successfully.

Besides, Odoo as an ERP solution also supports customizations of all its modules according to the needs of the users, rather than using different applications for different purposes. Most of our clients at Xcentric Services who get Odoo ERP Solutions in Pakistan implemented by us also opt for extended customizations after initially implementing the ERP solution.

6.    Seamless Integrations

Being an Odoo partner company, we at Xcentric Services make sure that the solution is implemented seamlessly and every module required to automate workflows is integrated. However, integrating modules is not as easy as it sounds. Our team intercepts the whole workflow of a business and then decides on the modules which should be integrated. This way, we ensure that the workflows are more efficient and the workflow structure is also not affected at the same time.

7.    User-Friendly Interface

Last but the most important benefit of implementing Odoo for your business is that it has an extremely friendly user interface. Once the user logins, the ERP solution shows different module options to which the user is authorized to access. After selecting one of the modules, the user can further navigate to functionalities and features of the ERP solution, Besides, what amazes us the most about the ERP solution is that its user interface improves with each new version in terms of both – functionality and appearance. Imagine having all the modules, functionalities, and a friendly user interface for your business? They are all you need to be successful in this tech-driven era where automation is everything for a business.

Odoo Implementation Services

How Xcentric Services Can Help You With Odoo Implementation?

We at Xcentric Services are an Odoo Development Company providing implementation services to businesses for years. Throughout the years, we have successfully implemented Odoo ERP for countless businesses in Pakistan and around the world.

Are you convinced of empowering your business with Odoo ERP to automate workflows and improve their efficiency? Hire us as your Odoo implementation partner. With our expertise in Odoo implementation, customization and integrations, we will provide you the best of Odoo. Besides, if you have any more questions related to Odoo and want to contact us, feel free to drop an email at connect@xcentricservices.com.







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