Why Odoo 13 is the best implemented ERP for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses?

Ali Kazmi

  • Apr 17, 2020

Digital Marketing can be a complex and confusing monster if you haven’t invested in some reliable Digital Marketing Services in Pakistan. However, many wheels are turning in several industries at one time, with only one goal in mind odoo 13;

Drawing prospects to their website to convert them into possible clients.

Though being a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan, we’ve noticed that some businesses can accomplish this with a well-optimized website, while others might need to invest some dollars in to get noticed on digital channels. While some might play smart and invest in some SEO Services in Pakistan or Social Media Marketing Services in Pakistan, others might be growing on outbound sales.

However, from an inbound marketing viewpoint, one of the most prominent obstacles for small and medium businesses is the staggering figure of third-party applications that you require for just performing the basics. 

Being a business, you can allocate more time managing the technological configuration of your MarTech – Marketing and Technology. Rather than literally operating your digital campaigns for acquiring new business.

Is full-stack MarTech affordable for Small Businesses?               

Minimally, a small business might utilize these developing market-leading tools and services for their digital visibility and marketing; 

However, for Small or Medium businesses striving to play while facing companies with a larger budget, a full-stack MarTech is not affordable. Replacing integrated tools for platforms can create many problems. Due to the duplication of data, monotonous processes, and deficiency of overall visibility.

When most savvy marketers embrace their MarTech, they don’t assume it’s feasible to have a fully integrated marketing toolset. To embrace the basics, while not going indebted. Well, Odoo ERP Development Services for Businesses is accomplishing this and is presently closer than ever to accomplishing this goal with the launch of Odoo 13.

The BEST part? Being open-source, Odoo Implementation Services are fully customizable. Hence, businesses can employ an Odoo Implementation Project Plan with the help of Odoo Specialists in Pakistan just the way they would prefer it to operate.

Odoo Implementation Project Plan

Odoo MarTech Stack – What does it have in store for YOU?

Before the launch of Odoo 13, the earlier versions already rendered the latter applications following Odoo Implementation; 

Several ERP solutions or even MarTech campaigns haven’t capably integrated all these areas into one. While ensuring that they’re user-friendly and affordable. However, Odoo 13 has taken this play to the next level with its Marketing Modules. 

Odoo V13 Marketing Applications

Odoo 13 has welcomed user feedback. Previously, one significant operation that the product was lacking was the engagement of brand-new and current businesses. This is accomplished through social media marketing and outbound marketing mechanisms such as push notifications. With Odoo 13 and its brand-new applications, all of this can be achieved;

Odoo ERP Solutions in Pakistan

Why Odoo 13 is a GAME CHANGER?

These functionalities are a game-changer for marketers as virtually all of your needs can be fulfilled without abandoning your Odoo ERP Solutions in Pakistan.

With Odoo 13, not only can one battle several third-party applications. But they can also offer considerably developed levels of communication with this product that doesn’t break banks.

Moreover, every operation of your business can benefit from Odoo Implementation Services as it fuses several applications for the added fields of your business.

Odoo Implementation Services

Need Help?

At Xcentric Services, our teams have a passion for both; Technology and Marketing. Hence, we’re always involved in Odoo Implementation and Customization, with the enthusiasm of providing businesses with innovative and tailored Digital Marketing solutions. So if you’d like to get some help with your MarTech or need some Odoo Consulting Services, get in touch with us today!







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