Node.js Vs. React Web Development: A Comparison Between The Best JavaScript Tech Stacks

kashif ali

  • Aug 12, 2022


Node.js and React are two very popular JavaScript tech stacks used for building data-intensive, dynamic, and fast web applications. But fair enough, we just cannot say that both of them with the same way. Yes, you heat it right – node and React Web Development are complementary to each other, not competing. While node.js is a platform, React is a JavaScript-based library. This simply means that when building an application using node.js, then there are chances that you will also use React in the app and vice versa.

So, the BIG question is – how to compare them? No worries, this blog will help you understand the basics of both the technologies; Node.js and React. Moreover, we have also compared them on the criteria like community support, learning curve, popularity, and more. Let’s get started then!

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React: Understanding The Basics

Built by Facebook, React is a JavaScript library that enables creating UIs using components. The components are reusable and help in effectively organizing the code. Virtual DOM is used for keeping track of the changes that are made in documents. Technically, the framework updates the virtual DOM only, which results in a reduced re-rendering on some data updates. Overall, the core features of ReactJS include:

  •  Components

As the modular and reusable pieces of the code, components make it easier to maintain and write large apps. The components are further divided into small components which are termed child components.

  • Virtual DOM

React is a framework built on top of the virtual DOM. As we have mentioned before, it reduces expensive re-rendering by simply using the real DOM’s lightweight representation. When data changes are made in the components, only the necessary fields are updated by React in the real DOM. Therefore, saving time and enabling the reuse of existing HTML elements.

  • JSX

A syntax extension of JavaScript that looks quite similar to HTML. It enables the Expert React Developers to write their markup in JS, not in web views or templates. Thus, making it easy to keep a track of the page content because everything is in one place.

  • One-Way Data Binding

The data flows in a single direction and UI updates according to the state changes automatically. By using simple functions during React Web Development, developers can trigger the UI updates whenever the app state changes.

Node in JS

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Next Up: The Basics Of Node.js

Node.js is a cross-platform and open-source JavaScript run-time environment that enables executing JavaScript codes outside the browsers. It is efficient, lightweight, and ideal for developing data-intensive web apps that work across devices. Some of its core features include:

  • Single-Threaded

Being single-threaded, Node in JS can handle one process at a time. In case there are multiple parallel requests, they queue up to process – unless there are numerous CPU cores.

  • Events

Node.js runs on an architecture that is event-driven and based on the processing module, making it efficient and lightweight. While processing, the event-driven architecture helps the developers use node.js in creating fast web servers.

  • Asynchronous

To handle the current connections effectively and efficiently, this feature follows a non-blocking asynchronous output/input. For example, think of an online shopping portal. Requests to add products will be blocked if node.js does not support asynchronous calls until the product is added to the card and the user is checked out.

  • Non-Blocking I/O

While non-blocking output/input are the major reasons behind the efficiency of node.js, it offers one more advantage too – allowing Node.js Developers in Pakistan to handle simultaneous requests easily by assigning them to JavaScript functions. Hence, this results in a cleaner code.

Web Development Company in Lahore

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React & Node.js – Who Wins The Tech Game?

Now that you are familiar with all the features that node.js and React Web Development has in store, it is time to break the BIG news to you. Although both of them are different, their features can be used together. Technically speaking, there are a few factors based on which you should choose one of them as your primary tech stack. They include:

1.  Approach: What Goals Do You Want To Achieve?

React is a JavaScript library that is used for building the user interfaces of web apps. It uses JSX, which is similar to HTML but is still a valid JavaScript code. Therefore, it makes it easy and smooth for React Developers in Lahore to write large apps with several UI components. Overall, it is a framework that can be used with other frameworks too BUT has gained individual popularity too.

On the other hand, node.js is a run-time JavaScript environment that can run on different types of devices. It enables the Node.JS Developers in Pakistan to code high-performance apps while not having to directly deal with the input/output operations. Moreover, node.js uses a non-blocking and event-driven architecture that makes simultaneous requests possible through queuing.

The conclusion? Imagine you are building an online E-Commerce app. You can use node.js for building the web server and React for the front-end, where the users interact. Combined, these JavaScript Uses will make it easy for the developers to deal with all the back-end requests and interface requirements efficiently.

2.  Popularity: Which Tech Stack Is Used More Frequently?

One excellent way to know which tech stack is more popular is by looking at the GitHub stars. Just recently in 2022, React received 6.8k stars while node.js bagged a whopping 85k stars. However, being a Web Development Company in Lahore, we believe that the popularity and performance of both the tech stacks go beyond the stars. In the end, the success of the app boils down to your requirements, goals, and your choice of tech stack accordingly.

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3.  Learning Curve: Which Technology Is Easy To Learn?

There are countless JavaScript courses available out there on platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and YouTube for React NodeJS. So, in case you are seeking to learn either one of the tech stacks, it is effortless. In addition, given that both the technologies are different, learning them individually will be easy.

We recommend having the basic knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML first if you want to learn React. And, if you plan to launch a web app using node.js, learn about input/output, asynchronous, and other features of the tech stack that we have talked about above.

React Native Web

4.  Community Support: Is It Easy To Find Developers?

Luckily, there is huge community support available out there for both technologies – growing every single day. Developers stuck at something can easily find active communities on Twitter and Facebook, as well as local meetups. Other than that, do not take the risk of developing a node.js or React Native Web app in-house, as things can get a bit tricky. Count on the team of expert and experienced developers who we have on board at Xcentric.

5.  Developer Cost: How Much Will Hiring Developers Cost?

When looking for developers with either node.js web app development skills or React Web App Development skills, the cost depends on the build’s requirements and your location. However, the important factor to consider is that – both the tech stacks are high in demand, making them a very convenient option.

Fairly speaking, hiring a team of remote freelance developers individually will cost you a fortune; not to mention the energy and time that will go into coordinating with all of them. Hence, the smart way out is to hire an agency like us, which already has a team of developers that know what it takes to develop web apps on both technologies.
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    Surely, it is obvious that node.js and React are two different technologies. Node.js is a run-time environment enabling developers to write an event-driven and high-performing web application. On the contrary, React is a JavaScript library that helps in building front-end user interfaces. Thus, the latter is perfect for front-end development, while node.js is ideal for back-end development. The good news here is that we provide Web Development Services covering both technologies. Hire us as your React Native Development Company, share the requirements and let team Xcentric BUILD.








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