No Idea About Your In-Store Conversion Rate? Here’s What To Do

John Smith

  • Apr 05, 2019


With an increase in retail businesses all around, the race of revenue and sales are going to the next level retailers are using new tools to measure insights.

Many retailers still run for high sales instead of thinking smart and improve in-store insights. Some Key Performance Indicators KPIs are now commonly practiced by retailers. The in-store conversion rate is a tough metric but it also helps you in providing insights according to many aspects according to your store performance. Among the visitors, it also helps in managing staff and check either staff is working accordingly or not.

If you are not familiar with these terms or you are not using people counters devices and software to create reports to analyze them, you are at the right place. We at Xcentric Services understand retail requirements and we can come up with some good people counting solution for your retail business. To clarify any doubt or any kind of guidance feel free to talk to us at Xcentric Services, we offer the best solutions for businesses and people counting camera so that you can make the decision yourself.

Sometimes retailers are facing issues in gathering true records of customers, tracking, or customer journey left untracked. Moreover, if a retailer does not has any idea that how many visitors who entered the store actually made a purchase. In this case, the retailer will face a hard time examining the efficiency and he will be confused about what is going wrong either the loss is because of marketing tactics, store layout or the under-performance of in-store staff. In short, the business is controlled with only one eye open.

Tracking conversion rates used to rely on interrupting customers with a bombardment of questions.

During the times of old school, in-store analytics and conversion rates were calculated manually through customer surveys. This was a bit awkward as many customers are not pleased to answer your questions or fill up questionnaires from the store. They just want to make their purchase and head back home or on track again. Surely there were some benefits of old-school techniques but these techniques were not cool.

Moreover, questioning every customer in the store takes a lot of time or you have to dedicate some members who are ought to ask about store and products from a customer results in an increase in expense. If you do not want to do this to save money, you will tell your current members to ask questions while serving any customer but it is not nice to distract your customer while shopping.

So after all this struggle if you were able to get some data from your customers it is not so accurate to make any decision for your business on that basis. It is possible that customers just give the wrong answer to get rid of the situation and many customers leave the store without answering any question. Roughly examining but it seems like the data you gathered by this is hardly 40% – 50% accurate. Waste of time and effort!

Calculating your in-store conversion rate begins with measuring your in-store traffic.

Many retailers have no idea how many people enter their store at any given time, it is just impossible to calculate the conversion rate of your store just by manual counting. The conversion rate of your store shows all areas of your retails store’s performance so that is why you need accurate data.

Enough with telling issues, use the latest technologies of people counters devices and software so that you can get 98% accurate customer data and in-store analytics.

People counter also help you in getting the record of new customers, repeat customer, time spend in-store and new visitors. These is some basic points that customer data helps in. Once you get people counting software you can calculate your original conversion rate and pay attention to any conversion barrier, like miss-scheduling of staff or weird store layouts.

If you get true insights into in-store traffic metrics it will not only allow you to establish your conversion rate, but it also gives insights about the areas that are working weak and causing loss.

To add the solution to this issue Xcentric Services is already serving many retailers and is keen to help out more retailers to enhance their businesses with smart tools. Visit the Xcentric Store as soon to get the people counting camera price better than market rates.







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