What’s Coming New To Microsoft Dynamics 365 In 2019?

John Smith

  • Apr 15, 2019

Microsoft released a detailed note about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the April 19th update for its apps and Power Platform tools let’s see what’s coming new.

The note shared by Microsoft mentioned lots of new features in Dynamics 365 but the new features will be released gradually starting from April 2019 to September 2019. The features will be available for its ERP, CRM, Mixed Reality, and Power Platform. The main focus of the company is on central intelligence that is making Microsoft Dynamics more versatile.

This year on April 5th, the April 19 update will be out for the customers for production deployment. Like Windows 10, Microsoft will launch updates for Microsoft Dynamics 365 twice every year first in April and second in October.

Microsoft is going to add more abilities to its AI-enhanced Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps for sales with some more call-intelligence capabilities. AI Dynamics for Customer Insights will be openly available in the April 19 update. The update will allow the application to support integration with Salesforce, Zendesk, and ServiceNow. This will give you a single dashboard for analytics between human and virtual agents. AI for Market Insights comes up with the ability to recommend relevant topics while creating searches association with Bing.

Talking more about April 2019 update Microsoft planned to add more features to its layout and Remote Assist mixed-reality applications in this release. It consists of real-time collaboration and editing in layout, new annotation, conference calling, screen sharing and the combination of Field Service for Remote Assist.

Microsoft is making a number of incremental updates in areas regarding the marketing front with the addition of optimization for target segments, personalized marketing, easier onboarding, and integration of the module for different scenarios for various verticals. The marketing application is also coming up with more features such as social marketing, social insights, and analytics. The coming update will allow marketers to add mixed-reality content for their email campaigns and marketing pages.

How Will The New Microsoft Dynamics 365 Features Help?

The features that will be added on the Sales front will aid users with more data providers, tighter integration with teams, simplified forecasting, and first-run experiences. Moreover, new features for Relationship Sales, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales plus LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Microsoft is introducing live chat as a support channel in the Customer Service CRM module. This will involve Omni-Channel Engagement Hub generally, with the addition of knowledge base authoring and analytics. Microsoft is also working to improve usability, extensibility, and fundamentals generally for the whole product. Also, Microsoft is adding some features in the field service module such as deeper integration with IoT Central, options for various scheduling plus service enhancements.

Microsoft is getting its finance and operations users together on a single version of Finance and Operations. Its new features will be persona opt-in-enabled, which will allow users to implement new features on their own rhythm. Talking more about the finance and operations module in Dynamics 365, the tech giant Microsoft is going to add new functions to it and make some that have been in preview generally available for finance management, product management, warehouse management, sales, procurement, manufacturing, and globalization areas.

These are some of the main features that were mentioned in the 315-page release note about the April 2019 update. We will inform you more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 in April 2019 as soon as we get our hands on it. If you are already using Microsoft Dynamics 365 from Microsoft and face troubles during its use or you want to get Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your business, you are welcome to visit Xcentric Services to get guidance about the product, and if you are facing any difficulties our team of professionals will guide you. Being Microsoft Partners in Pakistan Xcentric Services is providing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sale in Pakistan.







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