Need of Microsoft SQL Server

John Smith

  • Jan 29, 2019

Microsoft SQL Server is the series of database management system DBMS created by the tech giants for your data storage purposes.
Saving your data and retrieving it at the right time is the issue nowadays many companies are suffering due to having inappropriate ways of data storing. The old ways of data storage are overrated now and lots of data is just wasted because of having outdated tools.

Microsoft always takes care of their users and keeping the needs of such users in mind Microsoft launched a SQL Server for ease. The SQL Server helps the user to add as much data as he can and then the data is stored plus it can be recalled whenever he needs to bring it back. The first-ever SQL Server by name was released by Microsoft in 2014, 1st April.

Microsoft exactly knew what the customers were waiting for and the software fulfilled their needs regarding data storage. After the release of SQL Server, many companies and employees of the field got some ease because there was a systematic solution to their problems. No more wasting of data, software which was accurate and quick at the same time.

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Microsoft SQL Server is not exactly the Data Base Management System but the SQL Server 2017 is a little bit versatile the software is based on a Relational DataBase Management system. The technology allows a vast range of versatility by storing data plus transaction processing and intelligence according to the business moreover, a proper way to analyze your data. SQL Server 2017 by Microsoft is one of the leading software among the top three of the business such as IBM’s DB2 and Oracle Database.

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It is roughly noted that almost 140,278 companies are using Microsoft SQL Server. The companies said to be using Microsoft SQL Server are mostly from United States and working in the Computer Software industry. It is also said that the Microsoft SQL Server is used by the firms having 10-50 employees and approximately 1M-10M dollars revenue.

Stepping forward to the next Microsoft product that is bashing the market of operating systems with a bang, Microsoft Windows 10 is today’s pick. The tech giants recently came up with the biggest update regarding operating systems, Windows 10. The percentage of Windows users is gradually increased after the launch of mighty Windows 10.

The latest update in the series of operating systems by Microsoft seems to satisfying the users very well. The built-in apps help the user to get the work done faster than before. Increasing the productivity of Windows 10 also helps to create images and music with the built-in apps, this surely means with the increase in productivity the update helps to increase creativity also.

Many people are still confused about getting windows 10 for their PC, actually Windows 10 is the treat for your PC and it will enhance the beauty of your desktop. If you want to experience the latest features of Windows 10, you can get Windows 10 Price in Pakistan through Xcentric Services Microsoft partners.







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