Modern Day Breakdown Of People Counting Solutions

John Smith

  • Mar 29, 2019

Many people counting solutions are available in the market, many retailers are using them, but there are some flaws and lack of accuracy in some technologies.

If you are running a retail business, you might have an idea that how crucial it is to gather information about your customers. The market is full of different types of retail people counter solutions that allow you to track the customer journey, count the people walking through your retail venues, and analyze trends in the way a visitor interacts with the products in your retail store. Choosing the right people counting tool can be a little bit confusing for the retailers.

As new technologies are available in the market, makes the decision tough for a retailer that which people counter will give him accurate and reliable customer data. For your aid, we will share some information about different technologies and tools that are available in the market and we will share some pros and cons of each tool.

Before we start let me tell you about the world’s lead manufacturer of people counters, V-Count partners with them Xcentric Services is selling high accuracy people counting solutions in Pakistan. If you want to upgrade your retail store visit Xcentric Store to get different products and people counting camera price.

Manual people counting

The very first and less expensive way to count people is to count people manually with the help of a human plus a pen and paper. It is a very old technique to counting people in-store or anywhere. For this, you have to hire an extra person that can perform this task around the working hours of your store.

He will be dedicated to counting people only. Although it is the cheapest option, this technique has some drawbacks. The biggest drawback of the technique is that it takes a lot of time and special attention is needed to count the entering people accurately and observe the behavior of customers that are entering the store. The task can be only properly done if the human people counter is super observant and quick as well.

Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging is used in places with a higher crowd or you can say high footfall traffic such as airports and railway stations. Thermal imaging counts the people with the help of heat sensors whenever a particular amount of heat is detected according to human body people are counted.

The heat maps or thermal imaging is installed in the entrances. Thermal imaging technology is used to count people but when it comes to accuracy the technology lacks it, the reason behind this is that the heat maps are not able to differentiate between different individuals, it does not mark the visitors as they are new visitors or regular customers. The technology covers very less range while detecting heat signals. Moreover, thermal imaging is a very expensive tool available in the market to count people with a lack of accuracy in data as well.

Active infrared cameras

Active infrared camera technology was actually designed for military missile guidance. This technology is now used for counting people as well and they are usually installed at the entrance of your store as well. The technology works whenever the beam is broken a signal is recorded.

Every time a signal is recorded a person is added to the data and so you can get a count of the total people that entered your store. This technology cannot specify if the person entering is a repeat customer or not and it cannot track the customer journey while they are moving in your retail store.

As it adds a person in data whenever a signal is recorded so the technology cannot make a difference between objects, staff, and visitors. Sometimes if more than one person enters your store it counts only one person because the beam is broken only once. This is expensive people counting solution and it lacks accuracy in data regarding collecting a pure count of visitors that enter the store.

These were some traditionally used people counting solutions in the retail industry but recently V-Count announced 3D Alpha + people counter, it is a Wi-Fi-enabled device with an accuracy of 98%. This makes it the most accurate people counter in the market right now. So if you are willing to get any type of people counting solution or you want to consult about people counters, you are welcome to visit Xcentric Store to get the best people counting camera price.







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