The perks of having a Mobile-optimized E-Commerce Store Design

Ali Kazmi

  • Aug 05, 2020

In this article, we have brought attention to the growing importance of the portion of the Magento E-Commerce Website Development known as E-Commerce design store. As further people turn to mobile devices for researching products, having a responsive Magento Web E-Commerce Store Design that is mobile-optimized is essential. 

Considering mobile optimization, the standard best practices of E-Commerce Website Development in design still fit-in right. However, due to the evolving nature of mobile devices, many other things top the list of must-dos. Hence, when you are weighing how to create a successful mobile website design, keep in mind the following; 

Thumb Test

Even though this is slightly a subjective metric, but one of the most prominent mobile design features of all. Brand-new iPhones enable users with a swiping home button that brings items at the top of the screen display within your thumb’s reach. Precisely, this is the concept of putting your thumbs into practice. In short, it promotes that the essential features of a mobile phone should be within the reach of the user; near the thumb, around the bottom middle of the screen.

Reduce Clutter

Though this is also subjective, you still need to look at the homepage of your mobile-based website design. Ask yourself if it is too confusing. Do you see it packed with every sort of information, be it words, images, banners, or some other visuals?

Technically, Magento 2 Development Services needs to be in balance when creating a mobile design. Considering that you will be working on a small screen, there is very little chance of forgiveness. Ideally, your homepage should stand out with just a few key elements. For examples; navigations, branding and logo imagery, links to popular stories, and best-selling categories. 

Scroll-friendly Accessibility

Touch-typing on a mobile device is undeniable pain. And the overwhelming majority of mobile users don’t want to have to do it. That means that your mobile design should be able to navigate by scrolling and clicking, as much as possible.

When talking about layout, you should make the website pages of your mobile site as scroll-friendly as you can. It is putting off scrolling through left and right without navigating anywhere or getting proper information.

E-Commerce Store Design

Offer Type-free Search Options

As related above, savvy users want to be able to scroll from one page to another to search for the information they need. All while not wanting to put their fingers to action – type.  Hence, this means that while you are offering users the ability to not type, you also need to navigate them.

So whether they type hat or that, you need to guess and suggest what they need. There should be an option for click-through navigation such as a mega menu or links to your product pages, popular categories, contact pages, blog, or other eye-catchy subpages. By navigating users using this click-through navigation way, your conversions can increase and reduce bounce.

Noticeable CTAs and Buttons

This point right here is another quick thing to keep in mind when you are in Magento E-Commerce Development Services. Make sure that the links to your relevant product categories and content pages are noticeable, distinct, and have CTAs placed on them. Rest assured, regardless of whatever mixture of visuals and text your Magento 2 Website Development is based on, make sure that the relevant product pages stand out and are mobile-friendly.

E-Commerce Store Design

In Conclusion

The article covered some essentials to keep in mind as your to-dos when laying out a mobile design of an E-Commerce store. However, being a Magento 2 Development Company, we suggest, do not rely just on these, because there is much more than conversions that can come under the influence. Your Search Engine Optimization Services in Pakistan value is one of those factors.  

Taking this measure further, Google has started to penalize Magento 2 E-Commerce Development and Magento E-Commerce Designers for designs that include tiny text or hard-to-click links. All because they are not considered mobile-friendly and can have a real impact on both, SEO Services, and User Experience.

Our team of Magento Commerce Developers at our Magento 2 Development Agency and Digital Marketing Agency have the expertise in the best practices of SEO Services Pakistan. They help you create a mobile design for your website that is SEO-friendly and delivers an exceptional user experience. 

Throughout the years, we have worked with clients on different E-Commerce platforms. So even if you are looking for one of the Best Magento Development Company to create for you a stellar mobile website or Web Design Services for a WordPress website, Xcentric can help you reach your goals. 

Whatever industry you aim to serve with your E-Commerce website, Xcentric Services has a team of experienced designers and Magento Web Developers that can build you a customized website design to make your online store attractive and satisfy the users. Get in touch with us today and let us communicate with you about how our digital solutions can help you! 







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