Mobile Commerce – Why Is It A New Standard For Businesses?

kashif ali

  • Apr 26, 2022

Customers visit E-Commerce websites to place an order for services or goods. However, because the world today has become very application-centric, you need to invest in Mobile Commerce to support your business. It will end your risk of hitting a brick wall in the coming future, which is going to be all about mobile.

M-Commerce is a common name given to commercial services provides on devices such as mobile phones or tablets. Being an updated form of E-Commerce, it allows accessing online shopping stores without using a desktop. Even though there has been significant growth in the E-Commerce industry, the evolution of M-Commerce is taking off. Before you invest in it, let us take you through the details of what it has in stores for online retailers.

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E-Commerce Vs. M-Commerce – Are They Different?

Even though M-Commerce is a part of E-Commerce, there are some differences between them that cannot be ignored. If you are skeptical about launching a mobile application after already having an E-Commerce website, keep reading the blog. Below, we have covered some of the obvious differences between both:

E-Commerce Vs. M-Commerce

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1. Mobility

Mobile Commerce provides customers the ability to shop for all types of products and services conveniently through a mobile. It means that with a mobile application of your E-Commerce store, your customers will not be bound to a laptop or computer to shop. They will be able to buy anywhere and anytime – whether on the bus or in a queue at the coffee shop.

2. Payments

While the world has advanced, many people are still afraid to leave their debit or credit card details on a commercial website. This slight nuance slows the growth of the whole E-Commerce industry. Nevertheless, with M-Commerce, the customers get an opportunity to pay for their purchases securely. Moreover, along with the usual security measures taken like multi-level authentication in E-Commerce, M-Commerce also provides biometric authentication. Plus, rather than using a card for making a payment, mobile users can pay for their purchases through Android Pay or Android Pay.

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3. User Tracking

Due to the limitations of desktops in E-Commerce, tracking the behaviour of users gets difficult. Mostly, people use mobile phones for surfing the internet, which is why their location, interests and a lot more can be tracked on it. M-Commerce makes this tracking easier and more efficient.

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Mobile App

Now – Why Choose Mobile Commerce?

According to states, almost 67% of smartphone users claim that they check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up in the morning. Honestly, this figure is HUGE and on top of it, we cannot let go off the fact that people these days are always short on time.

Hence, rather than turning on their laptop for making a purchase, they prefer shopping online on their mobile phone. Still need some more convincing before you launch a Mobile App for your retail business? Here is what it offers:

✓  Better User Experience

Speaking of mobile applications, one cannot help but notice that they are more convenient as compared to mobile websites launched by businesses. The thing is – applications are designed for specific platforms like mobiles and tablets. Therefore, they allow the users to use the native elements and functions of the very platform, making the application intuitive and convenient.

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✓  Marketing Opportunities

By investing in Mobile App Development, retail businesses can also boost their customer engagement rate. For instance, using powerful tools like push notifications, they can remind their customers to make repeat purchases, inform them about a new product launch or promote a sale.

E-Commerce Website

Moreover, if the business has a physical store, a notification can also be sent to the customers when they walk near it, prompting them to visit the store. Such little gestures might sound useless but they boost customer loyalty and show the customers that you care about their needs.

✓  Multiple Payment Solutions

As we have mentioned before, compared to an E-Commerce Website, mobile applications allow using more kinds of payment options besides the usual debit and credit cards. On mobile applications, online retailers can enable payments through Apply Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay, PayPal One-Touch, Amazon Pay, and Visa Checkout. All these mobile payment solutions attract more customers, after all, everyone loves convenience.

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    Almost every retail brand is already leveraging Mobile Commerce and has launched a mobile application. And, we can say with confidence that this trend will continue growing in the years to come. Hence, Do not depend on your E-Commerce store only – get on board with us to develop and launch your mobile application. We are a Mobile App Development Company in Pakistan that has what it takes to launch iOS and Android applications that meet the needs of the mobile-driven world.







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