Mobile App Development Trends We Are Following

kashif ali

  • Nov 23, 2021


The use of mobile applications is at its all-time peak. Presently, there is no limit to the use of technology and its potential. Moreover, even remote areas of the world also have internet access. People are now getting more aware of the developments in the technology industry and the count of tech-savvy people is increasing day by day. They have also become more aware of options available to them and not fall prey to marketing and advertising campaigns that drive to the websites of brands. All factors considered, we at Xcentric Services believe that the importance of Mobile App Development has increased. Interested in knowing more about it? Keep scrolling and read the blog!

Top 5 Mobile Application Development Trends We Follow

Millions and billions of applications are already their on App Stores and one should expect their demand to remain static if not decline. With several new applications launched every day and new mobile application development trends paving the way, launching one is a MUST.

Technically, when providing Mobile Application Development Services in Pakistan, we focus on boosting engagement rates, enhancing user experience, and attracting the target audience. By incorporating new trends and advanced technologies, we help our clients go mobile and shape the experience they provide to their customers. Here are the top FIVE trends that we follow to transform the mobile application development landscape for our clients:

Mobile Application Development Services in Pakistan


1.     5G

In the past year, the 5G technology has been there and many businesses have already incorporated it to provide an enhanced mobile experience to their audience. However, in the year 2022 and beyond, our App Developers in Lahore predict that it will become a new standard in the tech industry.

Therefore, to keep our clients in trend when developing their mobile applications, we leverage this tech trend of 5G. It offers a five-time more bandwidth compared to 4G. Besides, another benefit of using this technology is that it has a lower interruption level than the previous technologies. Thus, ensuring smooth connections and fewer interruptions.

2.    Augmented Reality

Similar to 5G, businesses in many industries are already using Augmented Reality because it provides them interesting benefits. Many of our latest Mobile App Development projects of ours have a tweak of Augmented Reality, ensuring a more personalized user experience.

With such tweaks, we enable our clients to showcase the products or services they sell in a way that engages customers. In addition, Augmented Reality also lets the customers determine how a specific product would look like in real-time before they make a purchase. So, altogether, Augmented Reality creates a win-win situation for both – buyer and seller.

3.    Blockchain

Another one of the countless new trends in Mobile App Development is using blockchain technology. Misusage of data and security has forever been a concern for application users. To resolve such issues and provide our clients with a decentralized database, we use blockchain that resolves such issues.

By backing every mobile application developed for clients with blockchain technology, we provide end-to-end encryption. Therefore, ensuring that no one modifies the data and the client has rights over it. All in all, for securing digital transactions and exchanging sensitive data of the users – the future needs BLOCKCHAIN.

4.    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

In recent years, an innovative trend has been using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for developing mobile applications. The face recognition feature in our mobile phones is already using Artificial Intelligence.

However, now, we are incorporating it more and more in mobile applications of our clients; to increase user security. Currently and beyond 2021, we at Xcentric Services will extensively use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to offer the customers of our clients a better and BEST experience.

Mobile Application Development Services in Pakistan

5.    Low-Code Application Development

Earlier, even the simplest Mobile App Development required writing long codes. Thanks to the modern trends and new technologies that we now follow, our developers do not spend days and nights writing codes for mobile applications. To be precise, for use, the coming years will be all about developing mobile applications in a low-code framework that is intuitive and user-friendly.

6.    Touch-less User Interface

Mobile applications with a touch-based user interface are now out of trend. The customers of today are savvier than ever and even the developers want to try their hands on something new. Hence, our mobile application development team at Xcentric Services has shifted to developing touchless user interfaces.

They are innovative, take less time to develop, and require minimal effort when used by the customers of our clients. As an agency, we are now focused on developing applications based on such an interface; to change the game for clients and set them apart in competition.

Mobile Application Development Services in Pakistan


More and more businesses have now started incorporating all these trends in their mobile applications. They help businesses know the likes dislikes of customers and their buying patterns with insights into customer-related data. Following all these trends, being a Mobile App Development Company in Pakistan, we at Xcentric Services can develop a mobile application for you. To get your mobile application development project quote, drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY!







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