Microsoft’s Struggle in Gaming Console Business

John Smith

  • Jan 28, 2019

As the business of gaming consoles was getting huge and tough because of Sony and Nintendo plus the new innovation happening every day, Microsoft started thinking about something new.

With all the fails in the previous launches and a couple of good changes, Microsoft was heavily increasing the number of subscribers but somewhere they knew that it is not enough and the mistakes they have made and the flaws they are carrying in the previous products will never let them come over the top among the gaming consoles companies.

The company started to work on a massive console but looking to the feedback from subscribers Microsoft knew that it is the time to come up with something new and not just gaming. Users wanted to watch YouTube and Netflix on their gaming consoles plus to connect to their friends. With the great success of Kinect, Microsoft was confident to build another masterpiece but what else they can add to such good hardware. The hardware was first witnessed in Xbox 360.

The hardware was of so vast use that it was capable to get hundreds of projects and not only for gaming but Microsoft could have made lots of money with that. The motion capture hardware was over the market within days so it was a great success for Microsoft to create hardware of such potential. The company was still focused to make the best gaming console.

The trends change with time and the users who were looking for better gaming consoles were also looking for streaming or television. Microsoft itself also noticed the change in user’s behavior and decided to give it a try. Wireless controls and a secondary HDMI port to attach your TV Box to the console helps the player to run their game with and TV same time.

Meanwhile, in 2013 Sony was up to something as well. Microsoft won the business once when they introduced the Kinect hardware in Xbox 360, keeping the rivalry in mind Sony held a press conference and launched a couple of their games and told the world that how their gaming console was the world’s best gaming console. I think I said “was”. Jokes apart but Sony was thinking that the users still need a good gaming console used only for games so they kept working on that fact.

In 2013 Microsoft conducted a press conference which was terrible according to many people as the company talked about Television too much but the truth is the time was divided into almost two parts in the first part the New feature of streaming was discussed and in the second half the gaming on the new console was discussed. People criticized the event a lot but Microsoft was clear about what they are giving to their customers. Actually, the company was giving a brief on the features of their upcoming gaming smart console. Later that year Microsoft launched the Xbox One. This turned to be a great success for Microsoft as well.

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