Microsoft Word Tips You Need to Learn Now!

John Smith

  • Jun 12, 2019

Being Microsoft Partners in Pakistan, we know that when it boils down to word processing, MS Word is yet a gold mine of Microsoft. As a component of the Microsoft Office in Pakistan, reports reveal that more than one billion users rely on this suite every day to draft persuasive documents. 

However, even though numerous people use Microsoft Office, not everyone knows how to maximize the abilities of Microsoft Word. It has a plethora of features, which can support the drafting of documents, text files, and reports. So if you understand some of these top Microsoft Word tricks and tips, your job becomes stress-free, you grow more productive and efficient, which is the final goal of any Microsoft Dynamics Services software. 

We’re an active part of the Microsoft Pakistan community. Hence, in this article, we’ve covered for you some tips and tweaks which you can benefit from while using Microsoft Word. So get ready to super-charge your mastery of Microsoft Word with Xcentric!

Highlight a Square Field of Text

This particular feature is used in very rare cases. If you press down the Alt key while you click and move your mouse, you can draw a box inside your document, that will let you highlight all the characters in it. Simply stated, with this feature, you can easily select the particular text that you want to edit, cut, or copy.

Auto-Generate Sample Text

If you are looking to add some random text content into a document, Microsoft Word fully helps you in that. There is an auto-text generator that offers you to compose a huge word count; All you have to do is to type LOREM P L. In this, P stands for the number of paragraphs, so you have to replace P with the number of paragraphs you want to insert. Similarly, L stands for the number of lines or sentences; Remove the letter L as well and type the number of lines you need to enter. Once you are done with your equation, you have to place the cursor at the end of your equation and press ENTER; Voilà, your sample bulk text content is now visible!

Add a Calculator to Word

If you wish to add a calculator to your Microsoft Word file, head over to the top left corner on a word document, click on the drop-box named FILE; From the options, choose the quick access toolbar to pick out from all the commands. As the next step, select the CALCULATE command. The calculator will be added to the quick access toolbar. In the end, you have to save the new settings, and then you will notice a gray circle at the top of your word file.

The tweak doesn’t end here because you still need to check if your calculator works fine. And for that reason, try typing an equation, select it, and then press the calculator at the top. However, we have bad news; This feature isn’t accessible to Mac users.

Highlight Whole Sentence with a Click

Do you highlight a whole sentence with a click? Fellows, clicking, and dragging is now a kid play. The good news is that now, with this trick, you do not have to keep on dragging your cursor anymore if you want to highlight something. Just hold on the Ctrl key and click on any word; A highlight will emerge on the whole sentence.

Move around Your Editing Points

Move around your editing points by pressing together Shift and F5. This way, you can jump through different parts of your document that you have freshly edited. This feature remembers what part of your document you were editing the last time, even if you reopen Microsoft Word after a period.

Write Text Anywhere

You can use the Microsoft Word application as a whiteboard, which will assist you in efficiently placing text, anywhere on the document’s page. All you have to do is to click twice anywhere on the page, and Microsoft Word will let you start typing there. It automatically adds hard returns and tabs to let you enter text. So why write manually? Let’s begin typing!

Convert Your Document to A PDF and HTML Document

Convert your document to a PDF and HTML document with Microsoft Word because it has made conversions easier. To use this feature, all you have to do is save as a file. Next, you will see a Save As option in the FILE drop-box. Thereby, pull down that menu and select the option of PDF. However, if you want to save it as an HTML, select that option.

If you’ve had enough of the tricks and tweaks related to Microsoft Word, and you’re looking forward to Microsoft Consulting Services, look further than Xcentric Services; We’re Microsoft Dynamics CRM Migration Partners, bringing our clients’ value with our reliable and satisfying Microsoft Dynamics Support.

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