Microsoft Windows 8 VS Windows 10

John Smith

  • Feb 08, 2019

Over the past years, Microsoft totally understands the feedback from the users is really important and that helps Microsoft to be better than before and best as always.

Microsoft is well known for the series of operating systems they have launched. In 2001 Microsoft stepped into the gaming console business and got disappointed many times. As the first Xbox console launch was not that good as it was expected. Clearly, Microsoft tried something new and it resulted in their mistake. Listening to the users, Microsoft developed their products and improved them with time. The same happened with Windows 8.

Windows 7 was a great operating system and people witnessed something totally new after windows XP on the other hand some experiments in Windows 8 were not that much liked by the users. Covering the mistake and fulfilling the promise to bring the best to the users, Microsoft then launched windows 10 which is a combination of windows 7 and windows 8. Although many features of windows 8 are skipped in the latest version of windows such as the full-screen tile start menu.

The concept came from the touch-focused start menu but the users did not really like it. Before talking about the major changes and differences in windows 10, let me tell you about Xcentric Services providing all the products from the Microsoft Company. So if you are planning to buy any Microsoft product visit the Xcentric Services Website store to get windows 10 price in Pakistan and Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Prices.

If you are looking for a tool that may help you in your business you should use Microsoft Dynamics 365. The best thing of the product is that you can make it custom according to your business needs. Let’s talk about the difference between windows 10 and windows 8 by Microsoft.

Start Menu

Start menu and desktop in windows 8 were the main reason for negative feedback to the product. As the company abandoned the classic desktop and start menu just to make the windows more supportive for touch devices. Well with the launch of Windows 10 every user experienced a newly designed start menu based on traditional style with the concept of live tiles. The tiles are movable and can also be resized. The start menu in windows 10 is liked by all the users.

Classic Apps VS Universal Apps

In Windows 8 apps downloaded from the Windows Store occupy the whole screen and that makes multi-tasking difficult. Windows 8 offered a couple of features for universal apps but the users didn’t like both of them. With the launch of Windows 10, apps bought or downloaded from the Windows Store are usable in Windows on any device that supports windows such as tablets and windows phones.


Windows 8 allowed big icons and simple choices were at the front. You can manage tiles according to your use and easy look on the start menu. In Windows 10 elements of both windows are present and you can personalize it. Live tiles are now combined in the start menu, instead of a whole new screen.

Windows 10 For All Platforms

Windows 8 had many versions for different mediums and for different uses like for windows phone there was windows RT and for desktop, there was Windows 8 and 8.1. To avoid any more confusion between the windows, Microsoft created one massive operating system, Microsoft that is compatible with all platforms. Instead of making a separate operating system for touch screens, classic keyboard and mouse controls Microsoft focused on creating an operating system that is sustaining and useful across all platforms. So the solution was Microsoft Windows 10 that is created to support all your devices and provide ease to you.

Multiple Desktops

In windows, the full focus of Microsoft was on a single desktop but with the new Windows 10, you can simply add or remove new desktop and open programs in them when you want to open them.

These were some major differences between windows 8 and windows 10. Windows 10 is the most powerful and reliable operating system at the present date Visit Xcentric Services Website to get Windows 10 price in Pakistan and Microsoft SQL Server 2017 prices.







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