Microsoft Windows 2000 to Latest Windows 10

John Smith

  • Feb 01, 2019

Microsoft Windows is a series of improved operating systems pleasing their users since 1981to the date and the system are getting better with every version.

The innovations and the updates that were made in the Microsoft operating systems were amazing and they have changed the concept of personal computing. Windows allow a graphical user interface, virtual memory management, multitasking and supports many output/input devices. Not just personal computers but Microsoft also have a huge range of mobile devices and server operating systems.

Xcentric Services are Microsoft partners and allow the willing people to get Microsoft Products in Pakistan, you can visit the Xcentric Services website to check Windows 10 Price in Pakistan and you can get Microsoft SQL Server 2017 prices and products there as well. Now allow me to take you on a brief tour of Microsoft Windows from 2000 to 2019.

Windows 2000

Windows 2000 also known as W 2 K or win 2000 is the operating system that is used for business desktops and laptops operating systems to run different types of software applications. A proper mode of networking allows connecting to the internet or intranet sites by which you are able to access files and printers in your network. Microsoft launched four versions of Windows 2000 in February 2000 Professional, Server, Advanced Server, and Data center Server.

Windows XP

Windows XP was launched in October 2001. With a newly designed look, the new Windows XP was built on the Windows 2000 kernel, this helped the users to have a more stable experience than the previous versions. Windows XP was launched in Home and Professional versions. A new feature was added to plug and play to connect the wireless network. Let me tell you that Windows XP was one of the best-selling products of Microsoft.

Windows Vista

Windows Vista was out in the market in November 2006. Microsoft Windows Vista came up with improved reliability, security, performance, and management. Some features were added new as the system was made smart enough to detect hardware problems before they happen. Better security features for the windows were added to protect against the modern generation of threats. Windows Vista was noted as more responsive than Windows XP. Windows Vista adds beauty to your desktop.

Windows 7

After three years in October 2009, Microsoft launched another operating system, Windows 7. The latest Windows 7 was the successor to Windows Vista and Windows 7 was actually followed by the concepts used in Windows XP. Windows 7 was launched in combination with Windows Server 2008. The main features of Windows 7 were multi-touch support, Internet Explorer 8, less start-up time, support for virtual hard disks, a new Windows Media Center, and better security solutions.

Windows 8

On August 1, 2012, Windows 8 was launched. The Company Microsoft totally redesigned windows 8 as it is touch supported and the thought was kept in mind that in near future touch screens will be common in the technology so windows 8 was supporting touch screen devices as well. The startup time was reduced up to seconds which means you even don’t have to wait for minutes for your machine to start up.
Windows 8 replaced the traditional Microsoft Windows Operating System look with a new Metro design. This was first witnessed in windows phone 7. The Metro user interface consists of a Start screen with Live Tiles.

Windows 10

On 29th July 2015, Microsoft launched a massive operating system Windows 10. The big features of Windows 10 are listed as fast start-up and resume and built-in security. The traditional start menu is back again with the metro-style live tiles in half of it. Moreover, Windows 10 will also feature a new browser, Microsoft Edge.

Windows 10 is the most used operating system with a percentage of almost 35%. Microsoft still working to improve the products according to the feedback of the users. Microsoft also allows to use of SQL Servers and if you are having any trouble getting it you can log in to Xcentric Services Website store to check SQL Server 2017 Prices also you can get Windows 10 Price in Pakistan.







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