Microsoft Windows 10 Update 19H1

John Smith

  • Mar 06, 2019

It’s not so long since Microsoft launched it massive creators update in windows 10. The update got popular by name windows 10 October update.

Many users have not upgraded the October 10 2018 windows 10 update in their personal computers but the tech giant Microsoft is working hard to come up with another massive update just to make the user experience easy, secure, and reliable. This will be the 1903 version of Windows 10. The code name for the April 2019 Update is 19H1.

This update will be the seventh major update. The update will bring us some new features and some improvements. If you are a Microsoft user or you just want to switch to windows 10 and upgrade your personal computer you are welcome to pay a visit to Xcentric Services website store to get the windows 10 price in Pakistan.

If you are finding some data management solutions for your company you will get Microsoft SQL Server 2017 prices there. Moreover, as Xcentric Services is partners with Microsoft you can have the Microsoft Dynamics 365 which play a role of one of the best business management solution.

Some new builds are coming out with this update. As there are few weeks left to the update but no major feature is introduced yet but Microsoft opened up about some major improvements coming along with the 19H1 April update.

Now we will take a look at the improvements that Microsoft is launching in this update. Some major fixes will be available with the update to improve the downloading and installing experience. In the upcoming update, an issue from the previous version that results in monitors are being missing from the built-in color management application is fixed now.

The team also worked on the Explorer.exe that was said to be crash while running for some users. Some users were facing an issue of a 30-second delay after the user adds a wrong pin and for another try, you have to wait. With this update, this issue will be resolved. One more thing that was creating an issue for the users is sometimes the clock in the windows sandbox doesn’t match the main time of the computer.

It was also noticed that the emoji was not working properly, 12 of the emoji don’t work and a box is shown instead of the emoji, this issue will be resolved as well. The issue of text scaling values is also fixed. The text scaling values were not working properly across upgrades for the Win32 application.

Narrator reading dependability issue for the change how capitalized text is read, this feature will be disabled in the coming update. There was a problem with the mouse cursor as well. The issue was that the mouse pointer was turned to white after signing in and signing out.

These were some of the issues that are covered in the upcoming update. Some more security improvements and general improvements are made in the update. Such as playing games that use anti-cheat prevention software may trigger a bug check GSOD.

The update seems to be more about improvements and fixes but as it is not sure what else is coming because Microsoft has not specified the key points of the update yet. Windows 10 is already a powerful operating system and if your computer is not running Windows 10, you have to upgrade your windows because in 2020 the support for the older versions of windows is going to end and they will no longer be safe to use it. If you are making your mind to buy windows 10 do visit the Xcentric Services website store to get windows 10 price in Pakistan and Microsoft SQL Server 2017 prices.







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