Microsoft Teams daily active users now total up to 44 Million amid Corona Virus Crisis

Mahum Khalid

  • Mar 27, 2020

In this tech-driven era, there’s assumingly no business that didn’t benefit from Microsoft Dynamics Services in Pakistan, once in a while. Though today, amid the pandemic – Corona Virus, virtually, every business around the world has driven towards work from home. Hence, increasing the importance of tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Skype.

Recently, Microsoft shared a figure stating that their Teams Tool; A workplace chat and collaboration app, now has around 44 Million daily active users. However, the original number totaled to 32 Million, as verified on 11th March.  

Amid the pandemic – Corona Virus, a tremendous boost of active users on Microsoft Teams was recorded. Considering that every top-notch business has embraced remote work, and have taken substantial steps of sending their employees home. Encouragingly, everyone is contributing their part in stopping the spread of COVID-19. 

Microsoft’s Contributions Amid the Pandemic

To play its role in stopping the spread of the Corona Virus, Microsoft Teams has started offering Free Signups. Hence, promoting remote work. Amid all this chaos, certainly, tools like Microsoft Teams are essential for employees working from home. Because technically, they do need a medium to communicate and work effectively with their respective teams.

Top-notch firms like Ernst & Young, Accenture, and SAP, having around 440,000 of their employees benefiting from Microsoft Teams, have added up to its daily active users. Hence, supporting this statement by Microsoft that their Tool is serving around 100,000 employees of its customers, as on 18th March.

Reflecting on the figure above and comparing it with those of November 2019, Microsoft Teams’ active users have doubled. Considering that it totaled to 20 Million back then. Kady Dundas, the Head of Marketing for Microsoft Teams recently quoted;

“We have seen strong growth over the past several months, and even more recently in recent weeks, there’s certainly been a surge in that growth.”

Being Microsoft Partners in Pakistan, at Xcentric Services, we’ve been using the free Microsoft Trials, and we’re certain that Microsoft Teams would be helping everyone do their really important work efficiently.  

Does updated User Count call for new Teams’ Features? YES!

Ever since the pandemic has taken over the world, Microsoft has been finding practical ways. Enabling seamless communication between employers and employees. Because technically, work never stops, and the world never stops.

Hence, considering the prevailing situation, and viewing the updated user count of 44 Million, Microsoft has decided to update its Teams’ features. Focusing majorly on fixing background noises, suppressing conversations during video calls. Moreover, they’re also looking forward to initiating a tech-innovation. Allowing users to raise their hand, while in a video call. To let others know that a person needs to share some words to the conversation. However, if you’re assuming that Microsoft has overlooked the needs of small businesses, you might need to reconsider your opinions. While bigger firms are benefiting from the present version of Microsoft Teams, it’s also planning on offering small businesses a traditional phone-based conversation platform. By providing a phone desk, allowing them to make outgoing and attend incoming calls over their regular numbers.

Zoom – A videoconferencing app, has been noticed of having all these features before. Hence, bringing out rumors of Microsoft just playing catch up. Seemingly, Zoom only focuses on videoconferencing. Thus, giving Microsoft Teams’ features an edge because they’re offering an all-in-one video conferencing and remote work collaboration app. While the rivals like Zoom and Slack might lack features as a one-stop-solution.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams now offered on FREE TRIALS

Being Microsoft Partners in Pakistan, we’ve come around to this announcement by Microsoft that to provide its potential users and partners at the time of this pandemic, they’ll be offering Free Trials/Signups of the premium Microsoft Teams version. What’s better news than this?

Working from home amid all the pandemonium caused by the Corona Virus has been a challenge. In terms of coinage and efficiency, both. Recently, Microsoft decided on upgrading the features. Considering that it had a positive impact on making things work efficiently, remotely. Hence, as their contribution to help everyone working from home, Microsoft decided to offer Free Trials, which many can access through the already available free version of Microsoft Office 365.

Earlier this week, as more people are directed towards remote working and studying, a huge increase in the usage of Microsoft Teams was noticed. However, the decision of offering Free Trials wasn’t made until the beginning of March when the epidemic hit China. Today, Microsoft Teams supports its 44 Million users to carry out videoconferences and schedule meetings for FREE, while they work from home.

Microsoft Teams OR Slack?

Slack is believed to be Team’s rival. Before the epidemic broke in, Slack reported its earnings. However, what the reports didn’t feature was the number of active users, but later on, in October 2019, Slack announced that it had 12 Million active users; A count which Microsoft Teams just added in a week, amid the pandemic.

Unfortunately, Microsoft faced a bit of criticism, stating that it was forcing Dynamics 365 users to adopt Teams’. However, the statement didn’t hold much longer. Microsoft pushed it back with a statement saying that it counts active users as those who’ve taken intentional actions over the platform, in 24 hours.

Perhaps, Microsoft Team doesn’t count passive actions like minimizing a window, closing down the application, and autobooting as active user activity.

Microsoft Teams

Why Microsoft Teams?

Xcentric being Microsoft Business Intelligence Service Providers in Pakistan suggest; Get Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services in Pakistan and make your work from home transition an effective one with its flagship productivity applications. The best part? Teams’ is a part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 bundle. And now that it is offered on a Free Trial, to help businesses work efficiently while staying at home amid the pandemic, there’s no time to wait. Let’s just sign up today.

Here’s the link to the Microsoft Teams Free Trial: https://bit.ly/2y67EDN

Signup today and get FREE access to SharePoint, OneDrive, and many more cloud-based applications, while you stay home. However, if you need some extra help with the Dynamics 365 Upgradation in Pakistan itself, get in touch with us at Xcentric Services, we’re still available remotely to provide your Dynamics needs.







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