Microsoft Office 365 Features

John Smith

  • Apr 30, 2019

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud version available on a subscription basis and it offers users amazing features that were not offered before in Office Apps.

You might have already heard about Office 365, we are going to share amazing features that will be new for you. With the amazing features, Office 365 is used for both business and personal use.


Office 365 is cloud-based so it offers ease that multiple people can edit the same document at once in Word, PowerPoint or Excel and you can see the changes that are being made and who is doing that changes as well.

Skype Chat Enabled

Microsoft offered this feature for users so that they can easily chat with document collaborators through Skype. The good thing is that even you have closed the document you can still continue your conversation.

Link Files

For the companies that use the business edition of Office 365 have the option of linking to files which means they can avoid the process of attaching files simply by linking it. All you have to do is to upload a file on the office 365 cloud and then open outlook and link the file in email.

Switch Between Personal and Business Accounts

With the OneDrive application for Android operating systems in smartphones, you can link both your OneDrive for Business and personal OneDrive account and easily switch them.

Turn Notes Into Calendars

Office 365 offers you to take notes as to do list and then add reminders to them so they are converted into calendars. You can also add details of your tours or meetings in it as well and then you can share that schedule or plan with your team via email.

Bing Images Suggestion

Microsoft has also launched a preview mode of Sway, a cloud base presentation software that is combined with Bing image search. It will automatically suggest images to the user based on the words in their presentation have in it and it updates the suggestions as you add/edit words.

Convert Handwritings To Drawings and Text

The user can now scribble down handwritten notes into OneNote, office 365 is smart enough to guess which lines belong together and if it guesses wrong then the user can fix it easily using the Lasso tool. Select the lasso and circle an area of your note. User can then edit it or use the Math or Ink to Text options to change the scribbles into regular numbers and alphabets.

Inbox Can Organizes Itself

We all hate spam emails and now with Office 365, you can set your inbox to organize itself! It is called Clutter and it uses any and all rules you may have set up for your inbox. You tell it by marking messages as clutter and it will begin to move messages it believes are less important into the Clutter folder. You can go in the clutter folder to check or deleted the emails may be later sometimes but they will not bother you during your work.

Ignore Reply All Conversations

We are all in that situation where we are included in emails we do not really need because senders reply to all. With the latest Office 365, you can click the Ignore button which will stop you from seeing irrelevant messages or emails from others.

Add An E-mail Signature

The days are gone of printing a document and get them signed afterward. After that scanning the document or faxing it. Outlook shares a free electronic signature application by Docu Sign to users that allow them to electronically sign and email docs.

Microsoft offers the best for the users and tries to come up with new features in its products. To know more about Microsoft or its products, do visit Xcentric Services, and if you are willing to buy Microsoft Dynamics visit Xcentric Store.







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