Magento E-Commerce for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Operations

Ali Kazmi

  • Jul 20, 2020

In our years of being a Web Development Company, we’ve seen businesses choosing Odoo Oriented ERP Solutions that don’t tick all the boxes of scalability and power. But ever thought about why a business shouldn’t settle for any less for their Dynamics E-Commerce solution?

In this article, we’ve covered every reason why you shouldn’t be settling in for the less, and instead, equip your business and Microsoft Dynamics Services with the power of Magento E-Commerce DevelopmentSo let’s delve right into it and see how Magento E-Commerce is one state-of-the-art solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O;

Precise Setup and Continuous Maintenance

Enjoying the advantages of a Web Store doesn’t have to mean an out-of-the-pocket IT expense. Magento E-Commerce makes it easy to transform Microsoft Dynamics 365 for F&O into Dynamics 365 E-Commerce engine and flaunts a design that is implementable in just weeks without complex customizations and E-Commerce Platform Integration Services.

  • Out-of-the-box E-Commerce Platform Integration leverages and advances the investment you’ve already made in your Microsoft ERP Strategy and system.
  • An ERP Software upgrade policy indicates that your Web Store modifies as you move to the latest versions of your back-office system after Dynamics 365 E-Commerce Integration.
  • Authorized positions and priorities help you control your Microsoft Dynamics E-Commerce solution according to your specific business requirements.

Synced Data and Product Catalog Management

When you integrate your Web Store with your ERP Solution, every product information, association, and categorization in your Odoo ERP Solutions in Pakistan is immediately accessible online. Similarly, modifications made in the product catalog stored in your back-office is automatically made visible in the Web Store.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for F&O stores all your inventory data that consists of essential business logic. All while relying on prevailing inventory availability, its location, and forecast of future inventory levels; based on proposed production and purchase orders. Thanks to Magento’s precise integration, every business logic, product, and client data can be made accessible in real-time; right in your Magento Web Store.

Sales Tax and Product Delivery

With Magento E-Commerce, your online buyers will never be kept in ignorance because it offers accurate and quick sales tax calculations, calculated by your ERP Software in Pakistan. It also utilized your ERP’s business logic to estimate and display delivery charges upfront.

However, for carrier-specific product delivery fees, you can use the add-ons for integration with FedEx, TCS, and DHL. With all these charges calculated precisely and updated in real-time, your consumers will have a precise view of their order cost, including fees; All before they checkout, which unfortunately indicates a few abandoned carts due to expense uncertainty.

ERP Software in Pakistan


Magento E-Commerce successfully extends Microsoft Azure Hosting – One of the most stable and secure hosting systems, globally. Association with a Microsoft Azure Architect signifies that they are capable of creating an optimal structure for hosting Magento E-Commerce Web Stores. Offering a 99.9% guarantee given by Microsoft Azure on all their rendered services.

Microsoft hosts over 38 data centers worldwide. Your information is secured in the data center nearest to your ERP environment and saved via an encrypted storage setting. Moreover, it hosts the databases on SQL Azure services, assuring that the data is encrypted.

Microsoft administers its data centers with the most advanced hardware technology. Hence, when hosting with Magento, you don’t have to bother about setting up or managing any hardware. Instead, Magento Implementation Partners run the right hardware configuration setup for you, and you don’t need to hassle concerning the processor or memory setup. With precise integration, every business logic, product, and client data can be made accessible in real-time right in Magento Web Store.

Monetary Processing

Magento E-Commerce extends protected PCI DSS monetary processing and payment process variety to serve client requirements. Plus, currency support for localization.

Moreover, it supports credit card payments, as well as automated clearing house payments. For a comprehensive list of integrative Payment Service Providers, get in touch with Xcentric Services – A Magento Digital Agency.

Magento E-Commerce automates the order process and provides perceptibility into your entire online buying process, from browsing to purchases, to returns, and everything in between; All in a hassle-free manner. The best catch? Your consumers can request and track returned products directly from your Magento Web Store so you won’t have to worry about catching up with the customer at every step of the process.


Your Magento Web Store integrates effectively with your ERP, so its security is highly essential; that is the reason why we evaluate, test, and certify your E-Commerce solution by Microsoft in Pakistan and SAP.

And because absolute security begins with your source code, our E-Commerce Website Development service also applies best practices by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). Here are some more ways Magento E-Commerce helps you formulate a secure digital shopping setting for your customers;

  • Microsoft Dynamic Data Defense

Microsoft owns a Cyber Defense Operations Center operated by security specialists who serve around the clock to protect, interpret, and advance network security. Once network traffic joins the Azure cloud towards the settings installed by Magento, we, at Xcentric, being Microsoft Partners in Pakistan, utilize Network Security Groups to guard these services. Moreover, we also employ Anti-Malware services by default.

  • Closed-Source 

The source code is deciphered only by esteemed clients and partners to guarantee the most reliable quality. Thus, offering the perks of open source, without having to allow access to anyone and everyone.

  • Failover System 

It’s probable to secure a failover system by employing varied Magento E-Commerce installations; assuring that your Web Store is continuously accessible.

  • Redundant Data 

If you decide on hosting your Web Store with Magento, there’s a guarantee that your data is secure. All because of its profoundly redundant data storage systems.

  • Added Security Standards 

Web Stores delivered on Magento surely utilize SSL or TLS protocols to implement security for the data traffic connecting web servers and browsers. It also enables your business with a Virtual Private Network for transferring data within your Web Store and ERP system. Plus, Magento users can utilize a firewall, set up IP limitations, or also set up a Demilitarized Zone to guard their Magento E-Commerce Store and ERP System.


Opposite to the common belief, a scalable system isn’t significantly a secure connection. But with a Magento E-Commerce Web Store, businesses can scale assuredly by optimizing to promote high purchase volumes or optimizing Web Store performance for extensive product catalogs; All by merely altering some configurations in your ERP and Web Store.

Amid times of peak traffic, performance can be measured vertically with more enhanced hardware or horizontally with added servers. Magento also extends the load supporting and lazy loading to guarantee reliable performance and optimal performance of your servers.

But perhaps, the prominent advantage of scaling your E-Commerce Store with Magento for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it is adaptable. Magento’s scalability is practically boundless, as it gives freedom to scale up or down concerning your needs. Hence, you can always count on optimum results.

Pricing Model

  • One-time setup charge accompanied by a recurring monthly fee; In case of a fixed budget Microsoft Dynamics Implementation.
  • Includes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support and Hosting Services
  • Cancel-able Anytime

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support

Why do we recommend Magento E-commerce?

Magento E-Commerce is a solution for Microsoft Dynamics Migration, leveraging the business logic and the data stored in ERP; To build a sophisticated and user-friendly website with Magento E-Commerce Development Services. Contrary to interface E-Commerce solutions and shopping cart software, Magento integrates front-end and back-office operations. Thus, rendering a centralized business context that is much more efficient, scaled-out, custom-made, and extensible.

Now that you know how much of a power Magento for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is, and you want to grow your business with a Magento E-Commerce Store, getting in touch with experienced and certified Magento Professionals should be your next move. And for that reason, you can get in touch with us at Xcentric Services; We’re a Website Development Company and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Migration Partners and can drive your business towards growth with our Magento-centric digital solutions.







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