Microsoft Cortana features

John Smith

  • Feb 19, 2019

Microsoft initially released its first voice, smart assistant, on 2nd April 2014 almost 5 years back and it was added to windows phone 8.1 for the first time.

The feature of voice assistance was very much appreciated by the users so Microsoft launched Cortana in windows 10 which is said to be the most powerful operating system of the present time. You can call it voice assistance or digital assistant as well because it works with voice recognition also. Microsoft Cortana is just one built-in feature if you want to get any of the Microsoft products you can visit Xcentric Services provides you this opportunity to buy original Microsoft products in Pakistan. Get the best windows 10 price in Pakistan.

Cortana was first witnessed in the windows phone 8.1 and after that, we saw the digital assistant in Windows 10 in the start menu but with the October 10th update, the search is separated from the Cortana. The reason was simple Cortana gives you search results from the internet mostly. So Microsoft launched two search features one is to search the files and folders from the system and Cortana helps you to get search results from the internet. Let us take a brief view of how Cortana works actually.

How Does Cortana Work?

Siri is Apple’s digital assistance just like that Cortana acts on the natural language input by the user and can perform a variety of administrative tasks for the user such as setting reminders, scheduling event calendar, calculating quick math problems also converting currency and measurements. The user must enable the speech, typing, and inking settings to let Cortana work. For precise search results enable your location as well.

Users can manage what information Cortana can use through settings. Cortana consists of an application programming interface API and it is capable to work with a variety of Universal Windows apps and third-party apps as well. Third-party applications consist of apps like Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, the system administrator can use the application programming interface API to customize the line of business and built-in apps to interact with Cortana. The digital assistant is named Cortana after a female artificial intelligence AI character in the Microsoft Halo video game series. The updates of the digital assistant Cortana come separately from the windows 10 updates.

Cortana Features

In Windows phones, Cortana can make phone calls, send and read text messages. It can also answer the questions using the Bing search engine. In windows, phone users can use Cortana simply by tapping the Cortana app or the search icon. You can say Hey Cortana to start it with your voice. This is an amazing feature of the app.

Cortana is added to the desktop in Windows 10 and it can open programs, find files and read or send email messages. Users can type a search to Cortana or just say it by turning on the microphone. Cortana also works with the Microsoft new web browser Edge. In Microsoft Edge whenever the user highlights words or a line Cortana shows all the possible information on the topic. Cortana uses its artificial intelligence and saves the favorites to the notebook the data is collected by the user search preferences.to access the notebook open Cortana and click on a notebook.

How To Disable Cortana

If you are feeling to keep Cortana on rest and don’t want to work with it you can turn it off but the issue is that Microsoft has removed the turning off button in the latest update. So now you have to follow a hard way to turn off Cortana. Go to setting through local group policy editor. Press Windows+R and then type gpedit.msc into the Run box. Click on the Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components and Search. A list will be visible on your screen select Cortana and disable it from there and then restart your computer.

Maybe some users are not enjoying the Cortana feature in windows 10 so much but Windows 10 much more than this single built-in feature. So if you are thinking of upgrading your windows visit the Xcentric Service Website store to get the best windows 10 price in Pakistan.







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