Measure Customer Dwell Time With People Counting Camera

John Smith

  • Apr 25, 2019

Dwell Time : The people counting camera is a great technology tool integrated with the counting software to count customers and to track their behavior and in-store journey.

The length of time a person spends while looking at a display or remains at a specific area is dwell time and customer dwell time is actually the total time period a customer spends in a store interacting with different products. It is an essential retail metric to analyze shopping behavior and increase in customer purchases.

The longer a person stands to look at a display, the more likely they are willing to buy something. Calculating the dwell time and taking steps to increase it will help you to boost up your sales.

How To Measure Dwell Time?

There are different technologies out there in the market, their purpose is to count people and to track the whole customer journey in a store. The technologies used in the people counters differ from each other in accuracy and prices. The most accurate people counter is manufactured by V-Count which is one of the biggest people counter manufacturer and the accuracy of the product is 98%. 3D Alpha plus with enabled Wi-Fi is top trending people counter in the international market nowadays.

The working of people counting device is simply a video sensing system tracks the path people take through a store and their dwell times at different locations. Intelligent people counting units connect with overhead cameras to monitor and time customer’s progress. The customer is not identified so privacy is protected. Data is logged by the units and regularly sent back to a central computer, over Wi-Fi or Ethernet for example. The system also measures footfall and integrates with POS information to produce real-time sales conversion figures.

The dwell time and path data are often displayed as a heat map, where different colors are overlaid on a map of a store or department to show the most popular areas and routes. Heat map tracking of people who remain in a clothing store describe where improvements should be made

The system can manage with changing light levels, cluttered backgrounds, and crowded scenes. It is extremely scalable, local video analytics minimizes bandwidth use as well. The return on investment ROI can be as little as a few months.

Using Dwell Time Metrics To Increase Sales

The think tanks of the technology-shared that there is a significant and positive relationship between dwell time and sales. They found that a 1% increase in dwell time resulted in a 1.3% increase in sales.

What does this mean practically? Assume a person looked at a shelf of wine for 5 seconds. If the retailer could get them to stay there for 10 seconds, according to the study that would result in a 130% increase in sales.

The retailer can test and implement different measures to increase the dwell time at a particular department and, with the dwell time linked to the Point-of-Sale POS software. Then the retailer can fully compare customer dwell time and the sales conversion it will give him a proper check on the increase in the sales. The actual figures for their store would accurately show the improvement in dwell time as well.

It is obvious that just by making someone wait longer to be served or helped by a member of staff is not going to increase sales, but measuring dwell time around a store also lets you pinpoint any blocks and you can take remedies to fix them.

As well as evaluating and improving the effectiveness of displays, knowing where customers go and stay within a store enables managers to optimize store layout for increased sales.

Acting on dwell time allow retailers to:

  • Understand how customers travel through the store and interact with displays and products.
  • Learn where to place their most profitable items.
  • Test and learn which display layouts and signage work best to encourage people to buy more items.
  • Reduce unprofitable waiting times around a store.
  • Optimize your store layout.

Measuring dwell time is the start of the path to enhanced customer experience, optimize store performance and higher profitability.

Dwell Time Is Not For Retail Stores Only

A standard is set that whenever people counting camera is discussed people relate its analyzing qualities to retail businesses. The truth is many different types of businesses benefit from measuring dwell time. Museums and art galleries use dwell time to measure the popularity of the exhibits. Shopping centers can act on dwell times to optimize their layouts. The system enables many different types of organizations to analyze visitor behavior.







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